23 Jul 2006


GL organised a Green Party prescence on the anti-war demo, with Tim Summers producing a strong leaflet and Sian Berry, campaigns coordinator, famous for her anti-4 campaign bringing some 'Green Party-Stop global Warring' placards. Green Party London Councillor's Maya de Souza and Romayne Phoenix supported plus lots of us GPEW rank and file.

We obviously need to step up the protest, the whole of the Middle East is at risk of burning.

Here is Tim's statement.


Green Left statement for the Green Party of England & Wales.

Israel’s bombardment of Gaza and Lebanon demonstrates the descent to barbarism of US/UK foreign policy, to seize energy supplies and suppress the people of the Middle East and Central Asia, since the illegal attack and occupation of Iraq in 2003. Israeli Zionism is funded by $200,000,000 of US military aid each year as its main guard-dog of the Middle East. But their guard-dog is off the leash to invade and attack whole populations ‘in reprisal’ for actions of Hamas and Hezbollah, in blatant breach of Geneva Conventions of War and further undermining of any vestigial authority of the United Nations. President Bush and his servant Blair refuse to call a ceasefire, blaming “extremism” and particularly Syria and Iran, while planning further military action against them. Iraq and Afganistan remain deadlocked in permanent war – World War III!

As July’s G8 Summit in St Petersburg wound up, master strategist Bush was exposed by a live microphone, giving instructions to his poodle: “Yo Blair…you see the thing is what they need to do is to get Syria, to get Hizbullah to stop doing this shit and it’s over…”.Blair wagged his tail and under cover of ‘Dunkirk’ evacuation, sent an assault ship, an aircraft-carrier and two destroyers at full speed to Beirut!

But Britain’s special relationship of a man and his dog is costing more than the constant roll-call of British Army casualties: media lies and censorship, total surveillance of society, dodgy extraditions/special renditions of suspects by secret aircraft to the CIA’s international torture centres. Internment of suspects without trial at Belmarsh Prison, Plumstead was Britain’s Guantanamo in breach of the Human Rights Act; now the Tories want to scrap the HRA altogether. Official ‘whitewash’ inquiries regularly excuse the guilty few and deny justice to the many innocent victims: the bogus dossier of Iraq’s WMD presented by John Scarlett in 2002 earned him the top job at MI6; Lord Hutton criticised no one for the death of Dr David Kelly; the MOD evades prosecution for Army atrocities in Iraq, Afganistan or its training barracks in Britain; unchecked police and MI5 disinformation; compulsory ID cards; secret ‘shoot to kill’ policies introduced behind the backs of people and Parliament for ‘security’. No security for innocent electrician Jean Charles de Menendez, held down and shot 8 times, 7 times in the head, after bungled surveillance labelled him a suspect. CPS propose that Police merely breached the Health & Safety Act, so that innocent taxpayers must foot their likely fine. No security either for residents of 2 houses in Forest Gate raided by 250 armed police in chemical proof suits at 4a.m., shooting a man in the shoulder as he inquired their business. No security for anyone in Britain facing the certainty of bloody reprisals like 7/7 arising from US/UK warcrimes in their permanent Middle Eastern and Central Asian energy war!

The Green Party warned of all these consequencies in our mass leaflet of 2002, and Green Party MEP Jean Lambert won the Human Rights Award for her work opposing such measures. Green Left has recently formed to raise more Green opposition to World War III and the ecological annihilation of life on our planet, so join us now!

Green Left for the Green Party,1A Waterlow Road, London N19

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