19 Jul 2006

Hottest day of the year points to global warming

Hot, hot, hot...into London to see the wind that shakes the barley, hate to think how hot it will be, there is talk of breaking the July record which is 36....normally the average for July is 23.

The summers always seem very hot, compared to when I was a child back in the 1970s, one summer does not make for global apocalpyse but these are worrying. The real issue is that we have an economy, a capitalist economy, that works best the more that is produced and consumed. Everything else has to serve the process of throughput through the collective human gut. Blair and the rest don't critique capitalism, the far left are generally productivist and the Greens in a cold political climate rarely have the courage to say how it really is.

As Clinton used to say 'It's the Economy, Stupid'....we need to work less, we need to make goods to last longer, we need to share more, we need a permaculture economy, an organic, largely localised economy, an open source economy....the present economy is a bonfire, we need to keep shoving more waste on to stop it going out, quite clearly it's burning the world.

Scepticism about the conventional economic system is the alpha and omega of my politics...its getting hotter, the demand for ecosocialism must be made.

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