6 Jul 2006

Israeli attacks unacceptable

"Acts of collective punishment of the Palestinian people are a clear breach of international law and the Government must make sure that those responsible are brought to justice," said Dr Lucas, who is a member of the EU's delegation to the occupied Palestinian territories.

Usual good comments from Caroline Lucas, click above.

Socialist Unity suggest

'The Palestinians also desperately need the links with the outside world, and the practical assistance we can give. The Palestinian economy has been devastated by closures of the border with Israel, the withholding of $50 million per month of taxes legally owned to the Palestinians by the Israelis, and the wall. The war has also stopped tourism. Not only are links with the outside world vital for their morale, but can also provide outlets for the small scale handicraft production that now sustains their economy. There is a great deal of potential for selling Palestinian craft goods at Churches, Mosques, local fetes and other events.'

In 2004 I helped Caroline sell olive oil from the occupied terrorities in Slough, my local church in Ascot have also been very active in Palestine work. Politically I support a one state solution as advanced by the late, great Edward Said. Party policy seems to hint at two states but is a sound and humane basis in other respects, there is incidentally a very small Israeli Green Party. and ofcourse the US Green Party has a strong boycott of Isreal.

Palestine & Israel
IP600 The Arab-Israeli conflict persists owing to the failure to find a fair and humane solution to the problems of the Palestinian people and appropriate guarantees of security for a state of Israel.

IP601 Mutual recognition of the rights of independent statehood and secure borders of Palestinians and Israelis; a rapid end to theviolence and de-escalation of the arms build-up in the region; enforcement of UN resolutions 242 and 338; international assistance so that the new Palestinian state on the West Bank and in Gaza can develop self-reliance in food production and basic services and industries; long term exploration of the possibility of establishing a confederation with neighbouring states, with free and equal access for each state's citizens.

IP602 The Green Party believes that all Israelis, Palestinians, and their families should have and be able to exercise full human and civil rights throughout Israel and the occupied territories. Israel should be subject to the Geneva Convention concerning the rights of individuals and communities.

a) The Green Party calls for the implementation of United Nations Resolutions 242 and 338.
b) The Green Party calls on the PLO to recognise the right of the State of Israel to exist within secure borders.
c) The Green Party calls on the Israeli Government and the PLO to unequivocally reject violence as a means of settling the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

IP604 The Green Party calls on Israel to repeal its present "law of return" because it is incompatible with the full exercise of human rights and is implicitly discriminatory.

a) The Green Party calls on Israel and the Arab states to recognise and comply with United Nations resolutions and instruments.
b) The Green Party calls on Israel to have direct talks with representatives of the PLO with a view to ensuring genuine religious, political, economic and other human rights for all people within Israel and the occupied territories.
c) The Green party calls on Israel to allow Palestinians and their families to return to their former homes and be offered full Israeli citizenship, or to compensate those unable or unwilling to return to their homes and/or property.

IP606 The Green Party calls on the Arab states to agree a mutual non-aggression pact, and a non-aggression pact with Israel. Such pacts must be guaranteed by the international community.

IP607 The Green Party calls for the United Nations and the EEC to implement international sanctions against those states which refuse to comply with the calls above.

IP608 The Green Party calls on the United States government to use its special relationship with Israel to halt military and financial support until Israel enters the dialogue called for above.


Aled Dilwyn Fisher said...


Although I'm not entirely sure of Said's argument for the one-state solution, isn't the two-state solution the best practical plan we have at the moment? Of course, one united state would be the best outcome and I don't discourage moves towards such a settlement - but couldn't a two-state solution be the precusor to future unification, when the myriad grievances on both sides have been allowed to subside after some time of normalised interstate relations?

Also, while our policy as always is fairly thorough, I think it perhaps needs a more explicit call for the divestment of Israel by foreign economic interests if they persist in the construction of the wall etc. The policy is right to place the onus on the Israelis and the US but isn't a more united international front in favour of human rights and tolerance a more effective strategy?

Aled Dilwyn Fisher

Derek Wall said...

I will write more on this, possible idealist but I don't like the idea of states set up on racial grounds...an Isrealistine or Palisreal should recognise diverse communities....two states are going to end up at present with a rump of Palestine Bantustans.

Lawrie Coombs said...

Support for a two states solution does not imply support for ethnic states, just a realisation of the situation at the current time. Support for a 2 state solution should go hand in hand with suport for minorities in each state.

Aled Dilwyn Fisher said...

Hi guys,

Certainly, one-state where all peoples can live together is the ideal - and not a complete pipe-dream by any means.

The problem, as you've pointed out Derek, is the ethnic division. While this isn't necessarily implied by the two-state policy, the current correlation of forces in favour of Israel would suggest that, as a friend of mine put it, "the coat would be cut up and the Palestinians would get the sleeves". I suppose any support of the two-state solution would have to involve reducing the Israelis' military, political and diplomatic upperhand, which ties in with the idea of divesting Israel and applying more united international pressure in favour of human rights.

How does the fact that, because of demographic forces, there will eventually be more Arabs in Israel than Jews affect the situation? Does this strengthen hopes for a one-state solution or not?


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