14 Jun 2007

Caroline Lucas challenges Keith Taylor for seat

Caroline Lucas at the invitation of local Brighton Green Party members is to run in the selection for the Green Party parliamentary candidate for Brighton Pavilion. I think she will win the selection and win the seat to become Britain's first Green Party MP, so watch this space.

I contested the Principal Speaker Post against Keith in November, incidentally.

On 22% Keith achieved the highest vote for the Green Party in a constituency any where in Britain, a huge achievement. He is a dogged and impressive candidate, you don't count his votes as a councillor you weigh them.

However Caroline is simply one of the most impressive politicians in the UK and one of the most impressive greens on the planet.

So history in the making breaks in the Brighton Argus.


soundjat keita said...

Mr Taylor was convinced he was going to win last time. He came 4th. You people live in a fantasy world. And enjoy it.

Adam said...

er, no. Keith came third, and was only a few votes off second place. always said Greens were hoping to win in 2009, and were using 2005 to build for that.

soundjat keita said...

Er no. He was indeed 3rd, but 800 votes behind 2nd. Where is it written that if you come 3rd, you win the next time? And what use is 1 seat? Respect have 1 - and we're still in Iraq. French Greens had 3 seats in last parliament and achieved f***-all. French electricity is still 70% nuclear.

Ed said...

This is excellent news. Caroline Lucas is a great speaker and very well known.

If I'm still living in Brighton when the next election happens (and even if I'm not) I'll help out with her campaign.


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