20 Jun 2007

Glastonbury here we come

Well, if we get through the queues and the mud, should see you all on friday 6pm....green field of course.

Green Principal Speaker to speak at Glastonbury
20th Jun 2007

"The Green Party does thing differently from the Grey parties", says Dr Wall.

On Friday 22nd June Green Party Principal speaker Dr. Derek Wall will repeat his 1989 appearance at Glastonbury, where he spoke to the crowds from the main pyramid stage. This year he will be speaking on the need for a Green Party in British politics.

He argues that only the Greens have the vision to transform society so as to create a world which is socially just, ecologically sustainable and truly democratic. You can debate with him on the Green Field on the Friday.

Dr. Wall argues that the other political parties are driven by short termism and self-interest. "Ever increasing economic growth is impossible on a small planet," says Dr. Wall. "If we all consumed like the average American, we would need the resources of five planet earths. Only the Green Party have the courage to argue that if we are to have a future, we must respect ecological realities," he will say.

"Climate change is just the most obvious environmental problem that threatens us, but from low level nuclear waste to rainforest destruction and the pollution of the seas we are threatening delicate ecosystems in many ways."

Dr. Wall also plans to discuss Britain's role in the Iraq war. "The invasion of Iraq has killed hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians and now the fear is that George Bush's last act will be an attack on Iran. But Britain profits from war. Just look at how Tony Blair has protected the BAE arms company from investigation into corruption."

He will end his speech with emphasizing why Briton's need a Green Party. "Voters are increasingly disillusioned with Party politics but the Green Party does thing differently from the Grey parties - we have no smoke filled rooms full of career politicians. The Greens anarchy style approach to democracy is one of the Party's greatest strengths."


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