11 Jun 2007

La opción por los pobres

Noticed that Kaihsu Tai had flagged up my press work on the pope and liberation theology. Kaihsu is an Oxford Green Party member and active wikipedean, who does lots of good work...his blog has lots of Catholic Worker stuff and other progressive religious material together with of course support for Peter Tatchell....

All well worth a read here.

Yesterday, our minister Susan Durber preached at Saint Columba’s saying:

Whatever you say about Jesus – it’s clear that he believed that God blesses the poor, that the rich have some hard thinking to do, and that those who are poor have plenty to teach the rest of the world about what it means to know God. There’s a theologian from Latin America called Jon Sobrino who says, ‘When the church has taken the poor seriously it has then become truly apostolic.’ If the faith the apostles’ shared was founded on Jesus’ teaching then it would have to be a faith that took the poor seriously. It’s often said in the church in Latin America – that ‘the poor evangelise us’ – and of course it makes me wonder why the ‘us’ of the church are not themselves ‘the poor’ but I think I know what they mean. The Jesus we know from the New Testament was one who said over and over again, in so many different ways, that the poor often know the truth about the real fundamentals of life and the rich are so often deceived. This is a real challenge to us of course who, mostly if not all, by definition, live the life of the rich.

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