30 Jun 2007

Manchester and Glastonbury, mud and rain.

Well to Manchester and back to speak at the Carnival against Climate change, good event despite the wet weather and meet some great people from Manchester Green Party, had a nice vegan meal after words, left London at 6.59 which was a mistake, lets all have an hour extra in bed if we can, this has to be good for climate change reduction, world peace, personal sanity, relationships, etc.

Gordon Brown 'The Climate change crisis is so severe that to reduce energy demand I intend to legislate for an extra hour in bed for all workers. While this will reduce competitiveness in the short run, in the medium term it will provide important gains for the British people and the British economy. It is a change that some will resist but action is necessary now if we are to have a serious effect on climate change, our example will be instrumental in providing leadership for OECD economies and the major carbon emitters in the developing world.'

We could be waiting for this statement for some time.

Well I am not just staying bed here is some of my Green Party Principal Speaker input for the last few weeks.

As well as the usual diet of Radio 4 and Sky TV, I have travelling to events up and down the country to spread the Green message, for example, speaking at the Glastonbury Festival, Croydon Green Party and the Manchester Carnival against Climate Change in the last week of June.

I have had letters about green economics in the Independent, on Blair in the Guardian

and Britain's support for terrorism in the Telegraph

My Comment is Free blog with Guardian has looked at topics from lifestyle to local elections . I have taken on Jeremy Clarkson fans over road pricing and started a monthly column in the Morning Star newspaper. Sian and I have commented on the draft Climate Change. So I am busy busy busy but still keen to visit local parties and receive feedback on how to up our profile, so feel free to contact me.


A Friend said...

The picture reminds me of a line from a 60s song...

"alone again, naturally!"

Gilbert O'Sullivan, I think :)

Derek Wall said...

don't worry you are never alone with a troll.

Barkingside21 said...

Sometimes trolls make a good point. A picture paints a thousand words.
Compare yours with this one....

There is Spin, there is the truth, and then there is kicking yourself in the shin.

Anonymous said...


bathmate said...

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