12 Jun 2007

A contest in Brighton perhaps?

intrigue and excitement in Ireland and a contest in Brighton perhaps?

The Irish Greens are discussing coalition with Fianna Fail, this could led to positive change in Ireland but can the greens get real change in terms of stopping motorways,making sure the irish countryside isn't wrecked, keeping the US military out of Shannon and keeping this environmentally friendly without hurting the poor.

Green coalitions need to maximise the achievement of green policies but may simply lead to proping up unpopular governments, a big and interesting challenge, so the best of luck to them.

had this, a contest for Brighton seats, this will be interesting as Brighton Pavilion is where we got 22%, I am scotching rumours that I am going to stand against Keith Taylor, the principal speaker contest was fun but enough...interesting to see if any other big name figures go for it....exciting stuff, we need more contests in the party, a bit of rough and tumble democracy is always beneficial.


The Green Party in Brighton & Hove has started the selection process for
candidates for the next general elections, which will be held sometime between
now and May 2010. This process is to select candidates for the three
constituencies of Brighton & Hove, which are: Brighton Pavilion, Brighton
Kemptown and Hove. Nominations close at 6pm on 15 June. There will be a hustings
in the top floor of Community Base in Queen's Road, Brighton on Tuesday, 3 July
at 7:30pm. All nominees must attend.

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