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Manchester and Glastonbury, mud and rain.

Well to Manchester and back to speak at the Carnival against Climate change, good event despite the wet weather and meet some great people from Manchester Green Party, had a nice vegan meal after words, left London at 6.59 which was a mistake, lets all have an hour extra in bed if we can, this has to be good for climate change reduction, world peace, personal sanity, relationships, etc.

Gordon Brown 'The Climate change crisis is so severe that to reduce energy demand I intend to legislate for an extra hour in bed for all workers. While this will reduce competitiveness in the short run, in the medium term it will provide important gains for the British people and the British economy. It is a change that some will resist but action is necessary now if we are to have a serious effect on climate change, our example will be instrumental in providing leadership for OECD economies and the major carbon emitters in the developing world.'

We could be waiting for this statement for some …

They shoved guns in my face

In answer to a comment yesterday, yes quite literally some one came up to me and said 'you are the leader of the Green Party and I claim my £5', I said we didn't have a leader (so he could not have his £5)!

Today is a wet day in Green Party office, Waterlow doing the blog between firing off letters on permaculture and nagging the press person here to get a release out supporting the post office strike.


Got talking to this guy on the train into London. A kind of grizzled beat poet pensioner, equipped at 9.30 in the morning with his freedom pass for cheap fares in the capital and a small bottle of vodka he sucked at every now and then.

An interesting man to talk to.

He told me about being in Guatamala in the 1980s, 'They were killing the Mayan. It was all death squads, they would shoved guns in my face and thought I would be disappeared as well on a number of occassions but having a British passport made it more difficult.'

We talked of many things betwe…

Brown: the death toll will rise.

a bit busy to blog so here something from Peter.

Michael Finucane's piece in the Guardian about the killing of his father by a British death squad says it all, remember in times of crisis and civil strife they will come knocking at your day.

Happens less than in El Salvador but we have our dirty wars and disappearances

The official version was that state agents were infiltrating Loyalist paramilitary organisations in order to prevent what they were planning to do. There are problems with this explanation. Firstly, the activities continued despite the existence of agents, and many people were still being murdered. Secondly, this explanation conflicts with the internal reports of one of the main agencies responsible for running the agents.
State collusion with paramilitaries remains a festering sore in the way of rehabilitation from conflict-riven wasteland to modern, autonomously governed democracy. The responsibility here lies firmly with the government, which has never accepted that…

Tony Blair's legacy is Fallujah

Tony Blair's legacy is Fallujah. He has squandered the hopes of a generation

Well this was an event for Rose Gentle and other parents of servicemen and women killed in Iraq, as they say guns don't kill people politicians do.

To read about their protest today click here.

To support them look

Political parties and governments are one thing but struggle at the grassroots by people opposed to war and other injustice is the real thing. Any support to the movements is vital, ambition towards political office is the crow road, political power is necessary all tends to go a bit Gollum with the radicals seduced, to think of Brown in the Red Scotland days is to learn an essential lesson.

Incidentally a guy came up to me and said 'you are the leader of the Green Party and I claim my £5', had to put him right on that one.

Blair what a time we had, I never was a new labour fan and pretty critical of old labour, but never thought in 1997 after the end …

Muslims debate carbon trading

LINE are very good and Larry Lohmann is a very inspiring activist and researcher.

The group he works with the corner house, are driving the BAE case and are very good.

all good,

Salaam, Peace -

Here's advance notice of our next monthly forum on Sunday 8th July.

With Carbon Offsetting being an attractive option, at least on the surface, at our upcoming forum we'll be exploring the subject in more depth, thus helping us to also make more informed choices. We will also be getting feedback on recent events such as the 'Islam & Environment Training Day', and we'll be looking at what lies ahead for us over the summer months. Please join us.

Also, in the week preceding the forum, is an event titled 'An Inconvenient Truth: Faith Responses to Climate Change' at St Ethelburgas, near Liverpool Street station. LINE will be represented here along with Christian Ecology Link, and the evening will include a showing of Al Gore's hard hitting documentary movie on clima…

Protest tomorrow at Downing Street against the war

Rose Gentle

who would have thought so many would have died for Tony Blair, I am supporting the military families against the war tomorrow, please come.

Protest at Downing Street on Blair's last day

Protest at Downing Street
London Wednesday 27 June
From 10am
Join Military Families Against The War
Supported By Stop The War Coalition

Military Families Against the War, supported by Stop the War Coalition, are planning to make Wednesday 27 June an anti-war day in Downing Street.
This is the day Tony Blair leaves office to be replaced by Gordon Brown.

Tony Blair will leave Downing Street in the morning and our protest will begin at 10am. Gordon Brown will enter in the afternoon (we will publicise the time as soon as we get it), when Military Families Against the War will deliver him a letter asking him to meet them, a request that Blair has turned down repeatedly over the past three years.

Please join us to make sure that Blair’s last day in office is marked by his true legacy: up to one mil…

Talking about how to save the world

having escaped the mud, I got up at 12 yesterday morning, tracked into Goldsmiths college library to pick up some dvds and books from their library...including 'celebration/working with Pinter' as you know I am a big fan of his Nobel speech, Hegel's 'philosophy of history' (i like his line about 'human history not being a theatre of happiness') Marx on the Paris Commune.

This was followed by an evening meeting for Croydon Green Party where I introduced the topic of 'how to save the world'...lots of good intelligent participation from the members on how to change structures, how to make green culture popular, how to recruit activists, pitfalls of coalitions, thank you Croydon Greens.

Here is Ed's account of an earlier talk I gave on 'real alternatives to capitalism' I am trying to be ambitious in my talks!

Derek first briefly outlined some of the problems with capitalism:

- There is a built-in growth imperative to capitalism. Capita…

Mud mud mud...Mark Thomas and Venezuela

Had a good solid three days 'networking' at the Green Futures field at Glastonbury, Mark Thomas and Nick Hildyard were particulary inspiring with their fight over the BAE corruption scandal, Nick is suing No 10 at the present...this is real serious politics.

Everybody from Brigit Strawbridge to James Marriot to Merrick were there....very useful for pushing camp against climate change (see you outside Heathrow in August) and lots of over good stuff.

Danny please send me your poems so I can pirate them!

now on to Venezuela

Hi everyone

Quite a few upcoming events to tell you about!

HOV London's regular weekly meeting will be at the usual time and place
this Wednesday 27th June (7pm, NUJ Offices, 308 Gray's Inn Rd, King's

Before that, Movimientos is holding a special night at the Notting Hill
Arts Club tomorrow, Tuesday June 26th, featuring a screening of the
excellent Venezuelan documentary "The Old Man and Jesús", and music
including legendary Venezuelan ska b…
Jerusalem Gay Pride defies fundamentalist threats

Israeli Supreme Court rejects bid to ban gay march

Knesset vote to outlaw Gay Pride "bigoted and dangerous"

London – 21 June 2007

"We applaud the decision of the Israeli Supreme Court to reject an
application to ban the Jerusalem Gay Pride parade," said Brett Lock,
spokesperson for the London-based LGBTI human rights group, OutRage!

He was commenting on the court judgement, ahead of today's Gay Pride march.

"This is a big victory, not only for gay rights but also for the right
to protest of all Israelis - gay and straight, Jew and Arab," added Mr

"The judges' refusal to succumb to threats of violence by homophobic
Jewish fundamentalists is a gain for all Israelis who cherish freedom
and liberty.

"The fundamentalists had been given official encouragement by the
deplorable vote in the Israeli parliament, the Knesset, which sought
to ban Gay Pride marches.

"This bigoted and danger…

Sick of me and Caroline: why not buy some Green Anarchism

well if you are sick of those of us in political parties there is always the anarchist alternative, thought I would flag up the wiki on Green Anarchy, have of course posted on Murray Bookchin before....the green anarchists who range from primitivists to workerists disagree with each other as much as the left or greens or other group.

Rather liked the design of Green Anarchist in the early days by Richard Hunt (who rather depressingly move right and was always a bit of patriarchical anarchist).

Brings back happy memories of green free festivals in the 1980s.

Here is the wiki....part of the story involves GANDALF trial which saw green anarchists imprisoned in the UK, yes we have political prisoners as well, Saxon's mum has been a town councillor for the Green Party in my local party in Sandhurst!

[edit] Early years
Founded after the 1984 Stop the City protests, the magazine was launched in the summer of that year by an editorial collective consisting of Alan Albon, Richard Hunt and Marcu…

Glastonbury here we come

Well, if we get through the queues and the mud, should see you all on friday field of course.

Green Principal Speaker to speak at Glastonbury
20th Jun 2007

"The Green Party does thing differently from the Grey parties", says Dr Wall.

On Friday 22nd June Green Party Principal speaker Dr. Derek Wall will repeat his 1989 appearance at Glastonbury, where he spoke to the crowds from the main pyramid stage. This year he will be speaking on the need for a Green Party in British politics.

He argues that only the Greens have the vision to transform society so as to create a world which is socially just, ecologically sustainable and truly democratic. You can debate with him on the Green Field on the Friday.

Dr. Wall argues that the other political parties are driven by short termism and self-interest. "Ever increasing economic growth is impossible on a small planet," says Dr. Wall. "If we all consumed like the average American, we would need the resources of fi…


He laughs: 'I think it will be a huge achievement if in 50 years humanity even exists. The environmental destruction of our ecosystems is that dramatic. But man has a choice and I hope he will make the right one I hope he will choose virtue.'

Well here is another promising alternative that people like with a bit of an effect in terms of slowing and reversing catastrope.

More here on slow food....and look out for full analysis in my babylon blog when we get to the final chapter. here

Bill Gates FCUK off: Bolivarian computers hit the streets.

Venezuela is pushing ahead with the distribution of free software computers, these will be a massive boost to development and culture.

Does open source/free software just equal a consideration of marginal cost within the market....what is it really, is it, gasp, socialism, well 'its socialism Jim but not as we know it.'

Free software/open source is socialism in action, creative, free, based on wonder the forces of reaction hate Chavez, clunky old style 'socialism' based on nationalisation/central control is one thing but this is something rather more radical and attractive.

Read more here

and here are some details of up coming Venezuela events...from HOV, keep sending me Venezuela sol stuff and I will keep posting it.

Hi everyone

First of all, HOV London's regular weekly meeting will be at the usual
time and place this Wednesday 20th June (7pm, NUJ Offices, 308 Gray's Inn
Rd, King's Cross).

In addition, on Tuesday there is a special meeting en…

Gobshite politicians?

The evidence is over whelming politicians of what ever colour sell out for a pension, a salary, even expenses for a day off of work.

There is very real evidence of catastrophic risk of environmental failure, possible nuclear war, etc....yet the average gobshite politician is most concerned with cash.

The difficult question is not how to win elections but how to avoid cooption. After much sober reflection I think a big mistake many Green Parties have made is to create a 'leader'....surely not a way of avoiding cooption but of making the trap spring more firmly shut.

Thank goodness for Cornerhouse, they have been fighting New Labour government over the BAE corruption scandal....impressive stuff, as they say 'guns don't kill people, politicians do'.

Here is a summary of Larry Lohmann's work for Cornerhouse on corruption, injustice and environmental destruction in Southern Thailand. more here

The Struggle of Villagers in Chana District, Southern Thailand
in Defence of C…

The war on democracy

Mrs Thatcher's Latin American friends

What is ecosocialism....'its socialism Jim but not as we know it...'

Anyway 'War on Democracy' opens today go and see it.

"The footage showing how RCTV manipulated media images during the 2002 coup to help a US backed attempt to remove Chavez is particularly interesting.

"This is pretty personal to me as well. I was taken to the infamous bridge in Caracas where coup supporters shot at pro-Chavez protesters. My friend Cesar Aponte told me how his father was shot at, but the right wing media in Caracas made it look as if the coup supporter had been attacked rather than the other way around. Pilger's film looks at this episode in some detail and shows how the manipulation was done.

"MP Chris Mullin's book 'A very British coup' looked at how the US might remove a progressive British government and there are some excellent films like the Machuca which cover the same ground as Pilger but this film is just to…

Caroline Lucas challenges Keith Taylor for seat

Caroline Lucas at the invitation of local Brighton Green Party members is to run in the selection for the Green Party parliamentary candidate for Brighton Pavilion. I think she will win the selection and win the seat to become Britain's first Green Party MP, so watch this space.

I contested the Principal Speaker Post against Keith in November, incidentally.

On 22% Keith achieved the highest vote for the Green Party in a constituency any where in Britain, a huge achievement. He is a dogged and impressive candidate, you don't count his votes as a councillor you weigh them.

However Caroline is simply one of the most impressive politicians in the UK and one of the most impressive greens on the planet.

So history in the making breaks in the Brighton Argus.

“Green Left?” I thought. “What does that mean?”

“Green Left?” I thought. “What does that mean?”

Maybe the term had been used before, but I had never heard it — and it just seemed wrong to me. Either it was redundant (you can’t be left without being green, and vice versa) or it meant adapting socialist principles to the ecology movement, most of which seemed pretty flaky to me. The name broke with hallowed tradition — it didn’t include any proper Leninist newspaper words, like Militant or Vanguard or Worker or Socialist. It was awkward to say — it just sounded silly.

I’m glad to say that my doubts were misplaced. The new name reflected a real shift on the Australian left, a convergence of revolutionary Marxists and a leftward-moving current in the green movement.

More from Ian Angus here

'Tell Bertie to feck off unless he gives you the hills of Tara'

It is unacceptable to tell other Green Parties how to behave, it would be like second guessing the democratic choice of party members in Brighton to chose who they would like as the first green MP.

Equally coalitions, mean weakness but avoiding going to government can be even worse.

The Irish Greens have to make their own minds up, keeping allegedly 'dirty' Bertie in power is dodgy but letting him go it alone with some independents or the right wing 'progressive democrats' could be even worse.

More on the possible deal between the Irish Green Party and Ahern here

It's great the Irish Greens are king makers, like Scotland (where they fingers crossed seem to be pulling off confidence and supply) and it will be tough and they will get flack whatever they do but my gut instinct is to demand the motorway does not go ahead.

So if I was giving advice it would be 'Tell Bertie to feck off unless he gives you the hills of Tara'

What a shame that great Irish statesman Charl…

Education is not a competitive sport

"Education is not a competitive sport", says Green Principal Speaker Dr. Derek Wall.

We have long believed in banning SATS and are backing the recent calls, lets have education for life not for narrow tests.

More here

A contest in Brighton perhaps?

intrigue and excitement in Ireland and a contest in Brighton perhaps?

The Irish Greens are discussing coalition with Fianna Fail, this could led to positive change in Ireland but can the greens get real change in terms of stopping motorways,making sure the irish countryside isn't wrecked, keeping the US military out of Shannon and keeping this environmentally friendly without hurting the poor.

Green coalitions need to maximise the achievement of green policies but may simply lead to proping up unpopular governments, a big and interesting challenge, so the best of luck to them.

had this, a contest for Brighton seats, this will be interesting as Brighton Pavilion is where we got 22%, I am scotching rumours that I am going to stand against Keith Taylor, the principal speaker contest was fun but enough...interesting to see if any other big name figures go for it....exciting stuff, we need more contests in the party, a bit of rough and tumble democracy is always beneficial.


A contest in Brighton perhaps?

intrigue and excitement in Ireland and a contest in Brighton perhaps?

The Irish Greens are discussing coalition with Fianna Fial, this could led to positive change in Ireland but can the greens get real change in terms of stopping motorways,making sure the irish countryside isn't wrecked, keeping the US military out of Shannon and keeping this environmentally friendly without hurting the poor.

Green coalitions need to maximise the achievement of green policies but may simply lead to proping up unpopular governments, a big and interesting challenge, so the best of luck to them.

had this, a contest for Brighton seats, this will be interesting as Brighton Pavilion is where we got 22%, I am scotching rumours that I am going to stand against Keith Taylor, the principal speaker contest was fun but enough...interesting to see if any other big name figures go for it....exciting stuff, we need more contests in the party, a bit of rough and tumble democracy is always beneficial.


La opción por los pobres

Noticed that Kaihsu Tai had flagged up my press work on the pope and liberation theology. Kaihsu is an Oxford Green Party member and active wikipedean, who does lots of good work...his blog has lots of Catholic Worker stuff and other progressive religious material together with of course support for Peter Tatchell....

All well worth a read here.

Yesterday, our minister Susan Durber preached at Saint Columba’s saying:

Whatever you say about Jesus – it’s clear that he believed that God blesses the poor, that the rich have some hard thinking to do, and that those who are poor have plenty to teach the rest of the world about what it means to know God. There’s a theologian from Latin America called Jon Sobrino who says, ‘When the church has taken the poor seriously it has then become truly apostolic.’ If the faith the apostles’ shared was founded on Jesus’ teaching then it would have to be a faith that took the poor seriously. It’s often said in the church in Latin America – that ‘the p…


Smokey the Bear

Once in the Jurassic about 150 million years ago, the Great Sun Buddha in this corner of the Infanite Void gave a discourse to all the assembled elements and energies: to the standing beings, the walking beings, the flying beings, and the sitting beings - even the grasses, to the number of thirteen billion, each one born from a seed, assembled there: a Discourse concerning Enlightenment on the planet Earth

"In some future time, there will be a continent called America. It will have great centers of power called such as Pyramid Lake, Walden Pond, Mt. Rainier, Big Sur, Everglades, and so forth; and powerful nerves and channels such as Columbia River, Mississippi River, and Grand Canyon. The human race in that era will get into troubles all over its head, and practically wreck everything in spite of its own strong intelligent Buddha-nature."

"The twisting strata of the great mountains and the pulsings of volcanoes are my love burning deep in the earth. My ob…

Shed your clothes for ecosocialism

About 700 cyclists in various states of undress have cycled through central London in another leg of the World Naked Bike Ride.
The naked cyclists - and others with strategically-placed body paint, sticky tape or bum bags - were highlighting the damage caused by car dependency.
read more here

Went on the Palestine demonstration, hot sticky day in central London, just right for a naked cycle ride to draw attention to climate change....which I missed shame they were on the same day.

a repertoire of delight if you ask me, certainly better than giving out bland leaflets with windmills on the front.

I suspect we are going to have make quite a bit more noise before we achieve real action on this problem of potentially catastrophic climate change.

March with us for Palestine

Palestinians in Ramallah call for boycott Read more here


A message from Green Party of England and Wales Campaigns Coordinator, Tim Summers about the demonstration in London tomorrow:

Calling all Greens!
The Green Party is affiliated to the "Enough" coalition, who are mounting a
significant protest march and rally for Israeli withdrawal/Justice for the
Palestinians on Saturday 9th June 07, 1.30pm at Lincolns Inn Field, London
(Holborn tube). The march ends with a Rally at Trafalgar Square, where
Caroline Lucas MEP will speak. I appeal to you to come and form a visible
Green contingent by meeting up at 1pm for placards. Tim Summers, campaigns

“Victory: The G8 has been blocked in!”

I am getting lots of interest in joining the Green Party which is extremely encouraging, click on the join logo and you can join us, lets keep the party radical, healthly leaderless and step up our game, so important given eco destruction, injustice and war.

Nice to see my letter on capitalism in the Indy. Talking of which are you following the BAE scandal, labour leader arms fundamentalist regime and of course the Labour Party members no longer get to vote on whether Gordon Brown will continue this policy.

More positively here is the news from the G8:
June 07, 2007

“Victory: The G8 has been blocked in!”

Now, with the help of the wind, one of the main goals of the anti-G8
activists will be reached. The G8 leaders have been confined inside
their own fence. German newspaper Die Zeit has reported that no ships
can land at Heiligendamm. With ten thousand protestors currently
blocking the two gates into the resort, the heads of state and their
baggage are effectively loc…

Defending the people and environment in an oil state


UPSTAIRS (From 7pm): Documentary & feature films, speakers & discussion on issues relating to Latin America, this month featuring:

From Lake Maracaibo to the Orinoco Delta, for the first time in
revolutionary Venezuela a documentary delves deep into oil and coal, examining sovereignty and self-determination through the life experiences of communities, oil workers, and indigenous people.

As part of the Native Spirit Film Festival
Our Oil & Other Tales (Nuestro Petroleo y Otros Cuentos)
(Venezuela/ Germany, 2005) Subtitled in English
Directors: G.Muzio, M.Pugh,E Andreoli & S. Muzio

From Lake Maracaibo to the Orinoco Delta, for the first time in
revolutionary Venezuela a documentary delves deep into oil and coal, examining sovereignty and self-determination through the life experiences of communities, oil workers, and indigenous people.

For more info on the film

Administering apocalypse?

We have a few short years to introduce radical solutions to climate change; otherwise governmental action will be about administering apocalypse in the face of forest fires, the flooding of major cities, crop failure and millions of environmental refugees.

I talked to 'Hands off Venezuela' last night, it was so well attended we couldn't have fitted any one else and the contributions from the floor were good with a critical discussion of what is working in Venezuela and where there are big environmental challenges.

I think we need in the green movement to step links and support with people across the world involved in local environmental and social struggles, I am very wary of global governance that tells people at the grassroots what to do.

The Latin American left although like all things are imperfect are taking much more interest in ecology.

Incidentally talking of rainforests have this on the politics uk site:

Preservation of rainforests is absolutely essential on ecologica…

Gordon Brown: let him know what you think about Iraq

Tony Blair's willing executioners: Discuss.

just had this from Ingo,

thanks Ingo.

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Thanks for coming back
Here is what I gleaned from, a brilliant site for
anybody who wants to know stuff.

Cheers ingo

June 5, 2007
Gordon Brown London Hustings
From Stop the War Coalition

Nearest tube Tottenham Court Road

Gordon Brown and the six candidates for the Labour deputy leadership are
speaking at a hustings meeting in London on Wednesday 6 June. This is
the first London hustings meeting and it is essential that there is a
large anti-war lobby calling for troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan,
opposition to any attack on Iran and a break with US foreign policy.

V is for vegan!

I was amazed to find a vegan recipe from venezuelaenezuela, astonishing, in Venezuela the advocados are as big as babies heads and vegan would be easy but it is very rare to meet vegetarians. I know more Muslims who are vegetarian or at least nearing vegeism than Venezuelans.

Originally hallacas of course contained eggs, meat or whatever the slaves could find off of the master's table.

The story is interesting and I guess it reflects the fact that the elite in Venezuela is rooted in some bad history!

Hallacas (Venezuela)
Mayela Zamora - Oxford, UK

Recipe for 20 hallacas (pronounced AH-JAC-KA).
Requires 2 days of advanced preparation.

The hallaca is the main Venezuelan Christmas dinner dish. It was created by the slaves during the colony times. They put the left-overs of their master's Christmas festivities in a bit of cornmeal dough, wrapped this with banana leaves and cooked to mix the flavors. As many things in my country, the hallaca has the influence of three cultures, the…


This unlawful occupation has been going on for far too long, causing
terrible suffering and injustice. For the sake of humanitarianism, justice,
peace and democracy, it is time to end it once and for all: and we in the UK
should use the ‘stick’ of international and EU law to put pressure on Israel
to do.…




Event: Green MEP to address rally against Israeli occupation of
Place: Trafalgar Square, London – after march leaving Lincoln’s
Inn Fields
Time: Saturday, June 9th. March leaves 1.30pm – Speeches from

GREEN Party Euro-MP Caroline Lucas has called on Israel to end the
occupation of Palestine and the UK to restore full links with the
Palestinian Authority to prevent a humanitarian disaster and an escalation

Derek Wall at war with Jeremy Clarkson

you can vote for or against road pricing here

Essentially I not saying road pricing is perfect more that we need to be all driving a lot less.

Any attempt to replace Jeremy Clarkson as patron saint of our green and pleasant land will lead to controversy. Yet the growth in car use in Britain is simply unsustainable. Transport contributes a fifth of greenhouse gases, in London air pollution from vehicles kills 1,000 people a year, road building tears up habitats and the acceleration of car use means it is more and more difficult for children to play safely. Britain's obesity crisis is a product of increasing car use in part. Congestion means that the very freedom of the car enslaves us in queues. Tough political decisions need to be taken to tackle the climate change, denial threatens our future.

When I see opposition to congestion charging combined with calls for higher speed limits, lower petrol prices and more motorways, I don't know whether to cry or laugh. Statements such as …

Ital is vital

Retail therapy they call it - the instant and fleeting rush that comes from buying and consuming. It is all more fuel for the consumerist fetish that sees the buying and selling of unnecessary products as good for the economy.

Despite his statements about 'neither left not right' which is not how I would phrase it Nandor is real example of what I want to do as a Green politician, what is rational and beautiful from Rastafarianism shines from him.

He wrote a nice piece on political economy for my book Babylon and Beyond. Read it here online.

To all those politicians more concerned with gravy trains than accessible public transport, Nandor can give you another way.

Nandor flags up from a Rasta perspective a lot of the anti-capitalist deep green politics that the rest of us get from Marx, Buddhism or even the Koran.

Read and see what you think.

Ital is Vital
Natural living is a must. The foundation of Rastafari livity is to seek a life that is natural and earth-loving.

Rastafari philos…


I do like getting this LINE stuff, they are non party political, but have a good edge and an idea of green as cultural, spiritual, more than just environmental. More food for thought than the ngo environmentalist I feel.

Nice documentary on Bob Marley on tv at present, and I am backing Alice Walker for US is multi-cultural.

Salaam to you -

Below are a number of upcoming events.

Please note: the Islam & Environment Training Day should be booked in advance. There is also an Environment Day @ the Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre, and Poetry, Islam & Ecology at the next LINE forum.

Also below are several extracts from recent articles in The Guardian relating to climate change and oil:
The first two articles report on George Bush's announcement to create an alternative global framework on greenhouse gas emissions. Whilst exact details of George Bush's great ...(ahem)... leadership, are yet to be clear, leaked documents as reported below unsurprisingly sugges…