10 Feb 2008

Ken to nix Boris Johnson's insane airport plan

My position is clear and
consistent - I am both against the proposed new runway for Heathrow and
I am opposed to reviving this environmentally damaging plan for a new
airport in the Thames Estuary.'
, proclaims Ken Livingstone.

Had this from Ken, credit where credit is due....We all hope that Ken will be out on the streets campaigning against Heathrow.

As Green Party Principal Speaker I think Ken is a 100% right to call for an end to airport expansion at Heathrow and to speak out so clearly against Conservative plans for a new airport in the Thames Estuary. Boris Johnson is an anti-environmental buffon the only cyclist foolish enough to fall in love with Jeremy Clarkson and the airline lobby. The reality of climate change means we all have to fly less and a big expansion of public transport should be used to let the train take the strain instead of short haul flights.

This is Ken's release...keep them coming!

Boris Johnson plan for new airport shows threat to green agenda

Sunday newspapers report that the Tory candidate for Mayor of London
Boris Johnson has strongly proposed a new airport east of London in the
Thames estuary, causing growing concern amongst environmentalists about
the direction of his campaign.



Ken Livingstone's campaign said:

Johnson's plan to build a new airport in an area that is of one of
Europe's most important wildlife habitats demonstrates not only that he
is not serious about tackling climate change, but that he also has
little regard for protecting that green spaces that are so important to
many people's quality of life.

"He has done a massive
disservice to the environmental movement in this country by reviving
what was once seen as a dead scheme.

"That Boris Johnson has
thrown his full backing behind a new airport blows out of the water his
aim of being seen as a green candidate in this election.

"Plans to build a new airport in the Thames Estuary were rightly fought off by environmental groups.

Johnson opposed the Kyoto treaty, wants to halve the size of the
congestion charge zone, opposes carbon charging for gas guzzlers
driving into central London and has attacked the new air pollution
measures for greater London as 'draconian', and this latest move to
call for a new airport is proof positive of the threat posed to green
policies by Boris Johnson."

Ken Livingstone said:
"My aim
is to work to create Europe's largest new park in the Thames Gateway,
including a major new wildlife habitat at Rainham, not build an

"The sharp policy differences between Boris Johnson
and myself are becoming clearer by the day and his revival of this
airport scheme shows the danger of abandoning the course that London
has taken over the last eight years.

"Policies to protect the
environment and tackle climate change should be at the heart of what a
mayor of London is doing, yet Boris Johnson is moving rapidly in the
exact opposite direction.

"My position is clear and
consistent - I am both against the proposed new runway for Heathrow and
I am opposed to reviving this environmentally damaging plan for a new
airport in the Thames Estuary.

"Boris Johnson's airport plan is exactly the wrong policy to reduce carbon emissions or protect natural habitats."


More Boris Johnson's approach to environmental problems here

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Anonymous said...

credit where credit is due, but unfortunately he still wants to build a massive bridge in Thames Gateway that will increase congestion in south-east London!

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