24 Feb 2008

Ralph Nader will run for President

You heard it first here and the official announcement will come in an hour or two, if I am wrong..hey I am wrong but this is the way I read the geese entrails. I am still backing Cynthia McKinney but which ever of them gets it, a strong Green Party challenge is needed.

Obama is still part of the pro growth, pro capitalist, pro war, pro nuclear establishment...A challenge from outside is near impossible but remains necessary.

Obama praises Reagan and takes cash from the nuclear industry and still provides support for an imperial foreign policy.

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Novlangue said...

What? Nothing about your hero Fidel? One fascist in a uniform is replaced by another fascist in a uniform. A homophobe, to boot.

!Viva los derechos humanos!

Doug Ford Jr has a message for Elizabeth May, Caroline Lucas and all the Greens!

Sat at a computer in the library, I am aware that the woman looking at the screen next to me is becoming increasingly agitated.  ...