13 Feb 2008

Motorway link to go ahead.

Just got mailed this, thought I would share it...climate change do they give a flying fuck...one suspects not, lets go on driving, building roads, cutting down forests, draining marshes, and carbon trade are way to avoidance...

From today's Guardian - M6 Link Road gets go ahead.

Emissions? What emissions?

Just in case anyone doubted the government's commitment to sorting out climate change, we need look no further than the Heysham M6 link road, or Lancaster northern bypass, which was approved by transport secretary Ruth Kelly last week. Kelly thinks that the 24,000 tonnes of extra CO2 each year that this road will produce is a "significant adverse impact", but that the road should go ahead anyway. Just think: if we had no scientists, or targets or climate change law to encourage us to reduce emissions, we would never have to decide to ignore them.

Also a transport debate on today's You and Yours, featuring John Whitelegg:
Spain are having another new high speed rail link - you can already travel a 300 mile journey for £21. So what about the UK?



a very public sociologist said...

That's right Derek, who cares as long as some carbon credits can be purchased some point down the road?

Derek Wall said...

I think many greens are passionate about personal carbon trading for pure reasons but the dirty reality of using carbon credits as another form of hedge fund plus a way of avoiding the problem is sobering.

any way keep on blogging!

Anonymous said...

But in Lancaster the fight goes on against the M6 link road!

It wont even link Lancaster and Morecambe - which is what most car drivers are yearning for - it links the Motroway to the port of Heysham and cuts through residential areas and some beautiful countryside.




Anonymous said...

Last post - by the way - Im not anonymous, I'm Larry.

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