21 Feb 2008

My health news

Well been to see nice Dr Dass at Green Meadows who has told me to take a week off and I have got an appointment with the fracture clinc at Heatherwood Hospital, I guess if I had anything really severe I would have been strapped to a board but having a cracked piece of Thoracic spine is not encouraging. Got hit by a car two years ago, so it may relate to this.

So I am taking a week away from work and politics. Vince who is my eldest came round with Peter Nicholas who is my ex father in law to cheer me up and I had a nice phone call from Clive who I work for who is always a great support.

So if I teach any of you reading this, normal service will be ressumed next week, apologies but taking care for a couple of days seems the best idea...likewise politics.

Goodness blacking out side Waitrose..eclair in hand, how surreal...still can nearly laugh about it.

Blogwise...when I have energy it will be cut and paste for a while.


Anonymous said...

:( get well soon Derek.

we need you to carry on the good fight within the Green Party and beyond.


Paul said...

Hopefully I will have my own blog up and running by next week. get well soon Derek.

Strategist said...

Get well soon Derek

Charlie Marks said...

A speedy recovery awaits you I hope, compa.

Anonymous said...

get well soon.

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