14 Sep 2008

Broadstairs to be enclosed in concrete unless you object.

Had this from Steve Dawe, who along with yours truly, Caroline Lucas and Keith Taylor is part of the Green Party slate for South East Constituency of the European Parliament.

Will Thanet become part of China? Well put like that it sounds rather fun, however concreating over large parts of the countryside around Broadstairs is not something that is attractive to local residents. Its all part of neo-liberal corporate globalisation

I go on holiday to Broadstairs by the way....

>An emergency public meeting has been called in Broadstairs to discuss the
>biggest controversy to hit Thanet in years.
>The meeting will discuss the China Gateway project which, it’s been
>claimed, is designed to turn Thanet into the home of Chinese globalisation.
>The proposals involve turning 175 acres of Thanet’s countryside into a
>huge warehousing development for Chinese electronic goods.
>Campaigners against the project claim the project threatens Thanet’s
>drinking water, will deface the landscape and destroy valuable farming
>land. Supporters argue it will bring thousands of jobs.
>Thanet Council, it’s believed, will decide whether to give go-ahead to the
>project on October 9th.
>The meeting has been called by film-maker Christine Tongue, producer of
>the much-praised “Thanet Under Threat” documentary, which was shown across
>the isle last year.
>Christine said: “This is a huge project which has far-reaching
>implications for the environment and economy of Thanet. It is absolutely
>critical that everyone understands the issues involved and what’s at stake.
>“At the meeting we will explain what the proposals for China Gateway
>involve and discuss what they may mean to the area.”
>“The plan involves building a vast industrial development on one of
>Thanet’s aquifers – one of the main sources of our drinking water. It has
>huge implications for traffic. And it will change the landscape of the
>island irreparably.
>“All these issues must be discussed. We can’t sleep-walk into this.”
>She added: “It would be insane if this plan was to go through without
>people understanding the impact it will have on Thanet.”
>The film-maker is making a new film called “Thanet The Future” and will
>show some excerpts from the film at the meeting.
>The meeting will be at 7.30 on Tuesday September 9th at the Red Hall, 11
>Grosvenor Road, Broadstairs. For more details telephone Christine on 01843
>604253 or email inmeds@yahoo.co.uk. Picture

A packed public meeting in Broadstairs voted unanimously to demonstrate against the controversial China Gateway project.

Campaigners claim that the plan, a huge warehousing development to store Chinese electronic goods, will destroy 175 acres of Thanet’s countryside, threaten Thanet’s drinking water, and bring traffic chaos.

Meeting organiser Christine Tongue was amazed by the turnout for the meeting.

She said “Large numbers of people couldn’t get into the building. It just shows the strength of feeling against the China Gateway plan.

“Speaker after speaker attacked the project, and not one person spoke in its favour.”

Thanet Council will decide whether to give go-ahead to the project on October 9th. Before then campaigners plan to “bombard” their councillors with protests and to organise demonstrations against the plan.

Christine, producer of the much-praised “Thanet Under Threat” documentary film, which was shown across the isle last year, said that people seemed angry about the proposal, which has been covered in the investigative magazine “Private Eye”.

“China Gateway is being promoted as a source of jobs for local people but the only example of a similar scheme, in Dubai, has resulted in no employment for local people whatsoever,” Christine said.

“The developers and Chinese businesses may make money out of this – but it will be the people of Thanet who will be the losers.

“It’s our countryside they’re planning to concrete over, our landscape they’re going to scar. We can’t let them get away with this.”

Another meeting has been called to organise action against the new development. “Anyone who has any ideas about what we can do or simply wants to help should come along,” Christine said. “Time is short and there’s much to be done.”

The meeting will be held at 7.30pm on Tuesday September 16that the Red Hall, 11 Grosvenor Road, Broadstairs. For more details telephone Christine on 01843 604253 or email inmeds@yahoo.co.uk


chan said...

and how many of those pictured will be buying those electronic goods?

Anonymous said...

Strongly in favour of China Gateway. Every sympathy for local residents, no-one wants warehouses outside their houses, but Thanet has been in decline all my working life. How many boarded up businesses in Ramsgate, Margate, Cliftonville? We need the investment, jobs, business rate income etc... Thanet cannot count on Assisted Area Status and grants from Europe for ever. Water pollution is a red herring, nitrates are too high already and farmers are restricted on fertiliser use. Water has to be blended from other sources. Take the land out of farming and quality will improve! (subject to correct drainage handling and improvements to local cesspool drainage/leakage).
House values are more likely to rise than fall with a thriving local economy.

Anonymous said...

if people like christine tongue and the riciculous caroline lucas had their way this country would stand still, people need jobs if you are so concerned about the local community get caroline lucas to stump up her shars of the 2.6 million that kent has to find as its share of the police costs at the isle of grain protests ,after all she gave a speech there and it was full of green party members

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