16 Sep 2008

Carbon trading kills the forests and enriches the bankers

The Corner House are very good, very thoughtful, very politically sophisticated and take it from the perspective of the grassroots....they have no rival as a serious green think tank.

Get a load of all this...ecosocialism require serious thought, its not enough to go with on the left now love the environment and reject our former productivist ways. Ecology is however being kicked out by shallow environmentalism, likewise what we derive from socialism is an analysis of power, politics, economics, society and change. The Corner House seems to be to be the one part of the green movement that thinks politically...see what you think.

NEW CLIMATE CHANGE articles on The Corner House website

The recent devastating storms and floods in India and the Caribbean
provide another chilling foretaste of the hazards of a warmed world. A
dozen new items just posted in the climate section of The Corner House's
website (http://www.thecornerhouse.org.uk/subject/climate) -- books,
videos, articles and presentations -- continue our series aimed at
encouraging dialogue on what's needed for effective action on the issue.


1. 'Climate Crisis: Social Science Crisis'
by Larry Lohmann


It's sometimes said that governments are failing to address climate change
because they aren't taking the warnings of natural scientists seriously
enough. In fact, this draft chapter suggests, the failures may have more
to do with lack of social science understanding -- in particular, of how
the kind of social change required actually takes place.

2. 'Privatization of the Air Turns Lethal:
Pay-to-Pollute Principle Kills South African Activist Sajida Khan' by
Patrick Bond


The death of Durban environmentalist Sajida Khan in July 2007 calls
attention to the consequences of the climate justice struggle. If South
Africans are to be at the cutting edge of progressive climate activism,
not partners in the privatization of the atmosphere, three citizens'
networks -- environmentalists, community groups and trade unions -- must
join forces to identify the contradictions within both South African and
global energy sector policies and practices and help synthesize modes of


3. 'Six Soundbites on Climate Markets'


Will current plans to expand carbon trading in the US and elsewhere work?
No. Because carbon trading:
- is aimed at the wrong objective;
- squanders resources on the wrong things;
- requires knowledge and institutions that do not exist;
- is antidemocratic;
- interferes with positive solutions; and
- puts ideology above experience.

4. 'Climate Change and Social Justice: An Interview with Re-Public' by
Arlen Dilsizian and Larry Lohmann


Climate change is not a new kind of social issue. It requires a
re-examination of classic questions of power relations.

5. 'Mausam'
by Soumitra Ghosh and Subrat Kumar Sahu


The inaugural issue of this new Indian magazine, 'Mausam', is aimed at
helping to return the dialogue about climate change solutions to the
''public space'', instead of allowing it to remain the ''exclusive
property of governments, profiteers and 'experts' of various shades and

6. 'Offset Standard Is off Target'
by Kevin Smith


Widely-publicized frauds in the carbon 'offset' market have led to
governmental and corporate proposals for standards. But no standards are
working. And the more onerous any attempted regulation becomes, the more
the market comes to be dominated by big corporate polluters with the money
to work the system.

7. 'A Death in Durban:
Capitalist Patriarchy, Global Warming Gimmickry and our Responsibility for
by Patrick Bond and Rehana Dada


Sajida Khan, an environmental activist based in Durban, South Africa, who
died in July 2007, dedicated her life to fighting international
corporations and local municipalities over the pollution and environmental
degradation of her community. An interview with Khan about environmental
justice and possible ways forward to create healthier livelihoods is

8. 'Chronicle of a Disaster Foretold? REDD with Carbon Trading'
by Larry Lohmann


Many new schemes are afoot to allow the North to pay the South for
conserving its forests in return for permission to continue using fossil
fuels. But how would a market in pollution rights generated by Reducing
Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD) play out in reality?
This powerpoint presentation aruges that the answers are far more complex
and disturbing than might appear at first glance.

9. 'Trading away the Future? Climate Politics and the Gulf'
by Larry Lohmann


The Kyoto Protocol and the EU Emissions Trading Scheme tend to substitute
empty play with numbers for the hard thinking about historical pathways
needed for planetary survival. This is dangerous for fossil fuel exporters
and importers alike.


10. 'The CO2 Alibi' (video)
by Zembla (The Netherlands)


Exploring both ends of the carbon market through research and interviews
in Uganda and The Netherlands, this video (available in Portuguese and
English versions) brings new clarity to the debate over climate change

11. 'A Vermont Meeting on Carbon Trading' (video)


A two-hour discussion on climate politics and carbon trading at the
Unitarian Church, Montpelier, Vermont, in January 2008, videoed by Orca


12. 'The Struggle of Villagers in Chana District, Southern Thailand in
Defence of Community Land and Religion against the Trans Thai-Malaysian
Pipeline and Industrial Project (TTM) 2002-2008'
by Chana activists and others


Southern Thai Muslim communities have been trying for a decade to halt
destructive local fossil fuel developments backed by foreign banks. In
words and pictures, this book (in an updated and revised second edition)
recounts their struggle.

13. 'Cooling It! No Hair Shirt Solutions to Global Warming'
by Gar Lipow


The obstacles to tackling the climate crisis are political, not
technological, argues this book, which focuses on the most
carbon-profligate country, the USA.

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