27 Sep 2008

Green Tories branded with mark of Sita.

The press pass that gets me into the Conservatives' Birmingham conference shows that the Tories are supported by a load of old rubbish. All the Conservative conference passes come on lanyards, the fancy name for the ribbons used to hang ID cards around delegates' necks, paid for by French waste firm SITA.

is what Solomon Hughes article in the Morning Star (they are not quite open source yet so no link) tells us, yes SITA who are keen to expand 'energy from waste', incineration to you and I, has branded the Conservative conference.

So Tory green plans are officially out of the window and yes Zac Goldsmith is part of a party which labels all conference passes with the mark of a company dedicated to taking more of rubbish and burning it.

I think ironically that the thing that really flagged up my worries about incinerators was reading about the dangers from the tiny particles they release in Lomborg's 'The Skeptical Environmentalist'.

A Green tory future will be one of more incinerators.

In short all three major parties are shaped by the needs of their sponsors, huge corporations who will continue to drive us to a more polluted, more violent and more unequal future.

Individual members of these political parties are often sincre but the parties are vehicles for corporate misrule...corporations with plenty of cash to push their agendas and to shape public opinion.

UK anti-incinerator network here

Health effects of incinerators here.
By the way I think the Green Party of England and Wales should make anti-incinerator campaigning a big issue, along with carbon sanity, challenging fuel poverty and looking towards some sane mutual based economics to clear up the banking crisis....

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scott redding said...

We're facing a big struggle against a Tory council that is bound and determined to keep incineration at all costs. Coventry and Solihull jointly own an incinerator now (2/3 of the waste from Coventry), and they're now being joined by Warwickshire CC in applying for a PFI for a mega-incinerator (about 40% bigger) that will be in place from 2020 to 2045!

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