Peter Camejo is dead

Peter Camejo a powerhouse of the left in the US Green Party has died, I am very shocked to hear.

He stood as vice president with Nader in last elections and a Governor of California.

He was also a big name in the US Socialist Workers Party....Venezuelan born.

Never met him, I am sad to say, Walt Sheasby, Murray Bookchin both of whom I did know, have also died in the last couple of years.

I suppose there is some comfort in the fact that there are plenty of militant and organised ecosocialist in their 20s who I bump into.

Sad loss, sad loss

Peter died of leukemia I believe.


Anonymous said…
I'm not shocked. Peter had been suffering from cancer for some time. But I am sad to hear the news. Peter was an outstanding anti-capitalist voice for much of his life and he was one of the most important advocates of the Green Party of the US. I recommend The Avocado Declaration:
And How to make a revolution in the United States (1969)/Liberalism, ultraleftism or mass Action (1970)

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