30 Sep 2008

'an new era of love and utopia' say East Berkshire radicals

Liz from Windsor sent me this, thanks Liz.

Dear Comrades,

Just a reminder that as the equinox passes and the days lengthen we still have what must be the zillionth Anarchist Bookfair to look forward to (see below). If it turns out that the credit crunch kicks in and world capitalism has already imploded by then, ushering in an new era of love and utopia, we can get together and celebrate with a veggie curry at the 'eat-all-you-can' in the time-honoured fashion.

Love S


As capitalism collapses around us in the market of ideas the anarchist pound is buoyant and the 27th Anarchist Bookfair is back at Queen Mary College in London’s East End. A big thank you to everyone who helped make last year’s bookfair run smoothly and to you all for respecting the space. This year we have 38 meetings, 90 stalls, an all day cabaret starring assorted ranters, poets, singers and comics; all day film showings and, two kids spaces.
This year the lay out will be a bit different. Stalls will be split between the Great Hall and the Octagon room, which means that there will be more space and the whole bookfair will be wheelchair accessible. This year we have also arranged for some signers and touch typists to be available for deaf comrades who want to attend and participate in meetings. Please contact the info stall for details and for wheelchair lift passes.
This programme should give you an idea of what’s on and when, but things never go completely to plan, so please bear with us if the odd meeting, film or cabaret performance has to change on the day. All the up to the minute information will be available at the Bookfair Information Stall and on our website. Please respect the space, and remember that the whole venue, including the outside areas, are non smoking.
Next to the Octagon room will be an all day tea, coffee and snack stall (until 6pm) so people wont’ need to treck over to the Curve cafe for a quick drink. The Curve cafe will be available for hot meals, drinks and snacks from noon to 4pm.
The creche will be signposted, and the ‘older kids room’ is also in the basement below the Octagon Room.
We have loads going on - see the rest of the website, for a run down of the meetings and other events.
Please don’t forget this is all organised by a small collective. This year, more than ever, we need your donations to break even – the room and table hire have gone up and we are over a grand down again. So chuck us your spare change when you pass a bucket being rattled. We hope you find the day useful and enjoyable and come out feeling inspired.

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