2 Mar 2011

UCU members vote to take industrial action

UCU members vote to take industrial action, just had this from Sally Hunt.

I am pleased to report that members in more than sixty institutions have agreed to support both strike action and action short of a strike in order to defend USS pension rights. The ballot was disaggregated by institution but if the results are taken together a total of 64.55% of those who voted have supported strike action while 82.19% supported action short of a strike. Overall turnout across all the institutions within the very short balloting period was 36.32%.

A full list of the branches and local associations who were balloted in the USS ballot together with their result can be found here: http://www.ucu.org.uk/heballots2011

The USS negotiators remain fully committed to reaching a negotiated solution if only the employers will show some willing to engage with us. Talks are taking place today at which I hope our negotiators are able to make progress. If despite our best efforts this process fails, both I and your negotiators will continue to use any means possible to achieve a solution, including asking ACAS to intervene

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