22 Sep 2011

Call the Lib Dem traitors means straight to jail with no bail.

God never thought the Liberal Democrats would degenerate so fast but they are well on the way to being a hard right authoritarian party.

No walk outs or protests at the conference at the news that student protesters were imprisoned and refused bail.

The Liberal Democrats lied to students about fees and students who protest are severely repressed.

Isn't it ironic that the party that promoted civil rights is now a party that believes in throwing the book at those who dare protest (at it).

Any how if you can get along to this, you may not be a student but protest and the Liberal Democrats will support your imprisonment.

With the economic crisis protest will increase in scale and no doubt the Lib Dems will be at the forefront of those calling for harsh penalties as the homeless, the sick, the terminally ill and unemployed raise their voices.

Lets face it the phrase 'Liberal Democrat' is increasingly used just as a form of abuse, as in 'You you Liberal Democrat' used at the height of a bitter argument and retracted all too often as something too strong to say.

There is a protest on Monday from 3pm outside Birmingham Magistrates Court in support of Edd Bauer who used to be involved in Birmingham University Young Greens and is now a sabbatical officer of the Student Union.  Edd is in prison for the crime of hanging a banner that could be seen by motorists on Broad St just before the start of the Lib Dem Conference.  The crime is said to be a "road traffic offence" but the prosecution said his act was not dangerous.  He was denied bail as he has a previous offence of sitting down on the floor in Fortnum and Mason.  Being denied bail is thought to be unprecedented.  The 2 others with Edd at the time were granted bail but banned from Birmingham city centre for over a month.
At 3pm on Monday he will see his next bail hearing at Bham Magistrates Court.  Anyway wishing to protest in solidarity, meet in front of the magistrates Court on Corporation St at 3pm.


Gareth Epps said...

How shameful of you to think that a bunch of politicians can tell the police what to do.

The truth is that Liberal (the clue's in that word) Democrats strongly believe in the right to protest, and questions will be asked as to why the authoritarian West Mids Police, who wasted shocking amounts of money on ridiculous and disproportionate security measures (some of which were condemned by the conference itself) appear to think that they can drive a coach and horses over human rights.

Your two-bit Trot rhetoric solves nothing.

Derek Wall said...

The fact you are angry with me not with the injustice says it all

Kill the messenger, destroy the economy put the students in prison.

Gareth Epps said...

Shameful. Read my second paragraph again.

Alabaster Codify for tenenen said...

Hasn't he been continually nabbed for 'protesting'? Sounds like they just ran out of patience with him, and that's also presumably why the others involved are not in the same position, them having much less 'previous'.

That's not to say I agree with it though, as I don't. However, to call it unprecedented forgets the hundreds and hundreds of times miners were nicked during the strike on much more spurious grounds, treated much worse and for much longer time, so don't over do it as it turns people away. Although as I say, it shouldn't happen.

Derek Wall said...

Well Lib Dems lied on tuition fees so I just assumed you were having a bit of a lie.

Having said that a cheque made out to the defence campaign and I will stand corrected.

Gareth Epps said...

Plenty of times Greens lie, like your nasty little smear here.

You and your fellow Trots do the Greens a disservice. Edd doesn't need 'friends' like Derek Wall.

Derek Wall said...

Gareth my words wound you but your actions rob me of health care when I am old.

Your party is emptying the universities and filling the prisons.

Derek Wall said...

'How shameful of you to think that a bunch of politicians can tell the police what to do.'

Shouldn't that be 'How shameful that students are being imprisoned for protesting'

Civil liberties are as deep a principle for you as student finance.

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