22 Sep 2011

Palestine Demo report back

Thanks to Joseph at Cabbages and Kings for this


Photos from last night's demo in support of the recogntion of Palestine
outside Downing St. Several Greens, including Shahrar Ali, Peter Tatchell
and I were present and the meeting was addressed by, among others, the
Palestinian Ambassador to the UK, Jeremy Corbyn MP, and representatives of

The orthodox Jews who were with us were the recipients of some real abuse
from those attending the nearby pro-Israel demo but stood their ground.
The meeting was also told that the Labour Party had now voted to recognise
the state of Palestine.

The vote in the UN is tomorrow.

Joseph Healy


Anonymous said...


this one is particularly good. She's almost got the Nazi salute down pat.

C'mon, you know those lovely people wanna get rid of the jews...

Anonymous said...

Doesn't look like a Nazi salute to me. But I wonder about the girl (wearing clothing that would probably earn her a beating in Hamas-ruled territory) whose placard says 'two state (sic) is a crime.' Now if you are very eager to see a Palestinian state (and remember Green Party policy states 'the Palestinians...are not Jewish') but you don't want two states then what exactly are you aiming for..?

Derek Wall said...

Well Lib Dems lied on tuition fees so I just assumed you were having a bit of a lie.

Having said that a cheque made out to the defence campaign would not go amiss.

Derek Wall said...

ha wrong thread!

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