25 Sep 2011

Juan Carlos Medina Edmund killed as armed settlers try to seize indigenous land

This is my largely google translation, if you leer Spanish look at the original here

AIDESEP, September 23, 2011.

 An attack against indigenous peoples was committed today, as Juan Carlos Medina Edmund, of the Cantash community, in the province of Padre Abad, Ucayaliregion, died as a result of the continued fighting and disputes with a group of settlers who are attempting to expel Awajún people from the their ancestral land locally.

 The community leader, Leonidas Yuan, said that this situation is already intolerable because indigenous people are titling their ancestral lands with the Ministry of Agriculture, however, this process is slow moving and that the dispute has claimed, once again, the life of an Indian brother.
The indigenous population were dismayed to find Juan Carlos Medina Edmund and are demanding that the killers are found and justice is done.

Therefore, they urged the Peruvian justice, the Ombudsman to visit the area, intervene and deal with  this conflict created by a group of armed settlers living in the area.

Armed settlers also invaded part of the Territorial Reserve Cacataibo, displacing 120 indigenous people (?).

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