Governments have no power says bond trader, Goldman Sachs rules the world

Markets can only think instant profit.

Speculation is going to kill the economy.

Capitalism is going to kill the planet.

Politicians like Clegg, Cameron and Miliband race to see who can do the most for bond traders.

We must resist or face oblivion.


Gypsum Fantastic said…
Well he MUST know what he's on about and he MUST be telling the truth as we all know that traders would never fuck up when it comes to economics and they would never lie...

Are you always so uncritical when evaluating evidence or if it says what you want to hear, it'll do?
mikegilli said…
Oblivion? Not at all. For a start half the world survives outside the formal economy. And for the rest of us?.. after a period of turmoil we will adopt something better than mad predator capitalism. Well.. hopefully
Anonymous said…
Epic fail. A total inability to critically evaluate evidence. It said what you wanted so you believed it. Now have the grace to say so.

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