1 Oct 2011

Odebrecht blocked by National Parks office from attacking Peruvian Amazon

The Central Ashaninka of the Ene River - part of the CARE and AIDESEP federations, have noted that SERNAP (the office for protection of National Parks) have written to the Directorate of Electricity Ministry of Energy and Mines to reject the award of indigenous land to the (Brazillian energy corporation) Odebrecht.

This judgement is made on the basis of articles 11 and 202 of Law No.27444.

It prevents the Brazillian company from carrying out a feasibility study for hydro-electric generation.


I prefer to go straight to indigenous websites but there is an interesting report in the Metro from a week or two back.

‘We are completely against the dam. Even the grandfathers and grandmothers, everyone will go and fight so they don’t build the dam.’

Read more: http://www.metro.co.uk/lifestyle/874646-amazonian-dams-villagers-prepare-to-fight-against-green-proposal#ixzz1ZXikCmad

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