26 Oct 2011

St Pauls who received £40m puts money before faith

Even I was shocked.  Protest is always framed negatively.  The media has echoed the claim that St Pauls is losing revenue from the occupy protest.

This will be used no doubt to legitimate the cops going in with the usual violence.

Yet its clear that the occupy protest is not blocking the steps to St Pauls and if anything with lots of people coming to look, it might even raise visits.

Ha of course this is the trick of the market, even discussing the cash flow shows I have been a bit captured too by this logic.

Apparently is £15 a ticket to get in!

Church preservation is may be a little more important than Trident missiles and even if it is not the Church is not a poor institution.

St Pauls looks like a business not a place of worship.

The Jesus and the money lenders analogy is rich.

St Pauls has received £40 million from largely corporate donors.

Perhaps when the occupiers are attacked and bloodied we need to start occupying churches across Britain.

Hopefully it wont come to this, occupy was inspiring and I hope to be back soon!

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