9 Oct 2011

Has a Bath based scientist abolished capitalism?

Not quite but the future is on its way.

Dr Adrian Bowyer heads a project to make 'means of production; common pool property (and I don't need to spell out what this means).

3 D printers can make things we want open source.

Community production of everything is possible, make goods to last and wealth can flow without trashing the planet.

Without being totally technologically deterministic and while noting that bits of moulded plastic and metal don't rock everyones world, this is a way of short circuiting all the monkeying around with banks, financial markets, wage slavery, capitalism.

Capitalism is obsolete, open source everything means communism is possible, the implications are intriguing.

Now who told us '"The hand-mill gives you society with the feudal lord; the steam-mill society with the industrial capitalist."

Rep Rap gives us a path beyond capitalism.....however technology works within a social context!

Rep Rap wiki entry here

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