9 Oct 2011

British government funds land seizures in Orissa

Land seizures occur every day, peasants are killed for their land.

The British always support the thieves.  Mafia governments who steal the land act in concert with the wealthy and imperial powers.

The Korean firm Posco is taking land from peasants in Orissa, the British government has poured money into Orissa to support such 'development'.

The Department of International Development (DFID) has poured £200 million into Orissa with horrifying results.

Undocumented peasants get no compensation, their land is simply taken.

With climate change land is the new gold.

However I am inspired that activists are challenging the thieves.

Get involved spread the word, real green politics is about standing in solidarity with peasants, workers and indigenous.

Pretend green is about a bit of token life style change and vapid government projects.

Going to be posting more stuff from my Indian comrades,  grass root green movements are taking non violent arms for peace, justice and ecology.  Spread the word.

And give British politician a hard time, on the whole, they care nothing for peasants, to your average MP a peasant is the lowest of the low.  I doubt most MPs know that such people exist.

Another incident of police terror in Jagatsinghpur
A report by Partho Sarothi Ray
As reported before, on Monday Septemper 26, one of the local goons had got around 200 people and attacked the villagers with country-made bombs, swords etc. One of the main organizers of the PPSS, Ranjan Swain, was injured in the attack. Yesterday, his 65 year old mother, Satyabati Swain, and another woman from the village had gone to the Kujang police station to lodge an FIR. Instead of taking the FIR, the police have arrested her! The police has said that there is a case against her for “unlawful assembly” from 2008. This is from the time of the protests against POSCO. Today she has been produced in court, but was denied bail, and has been put under one day of jail custody. Tomorrow she should be produced again for her bail hearing. It is unimaginable that an elderly woman who goes of her own accord to the police to lodge a complaint is instead arrested by the police on some trumped up charges. If possible, call the SP of police, Jagatsinhpur, Debdutta Singh at the number 9437094678 to lodge a strong protest against this.
Update from POSCO Pratirodh Sangram Samiti, September 26
Today, about 400 armed goons of POSCO attacked our villagers at Govindpur village with rod, sticks and hand-bombs at 8.30 AM. In this sudden attack, more than 30 villagers have been injured including 6 women; two people are critically injured. These injured are not able to go for treatment to the nearest hospital in fear of arrest as police has already booked false cases against them in the earlier incidents.
This is a new trick made by the government and POSCO to enter into our area. The government made a plan to build a coastal road along the beach from the Indian Oil Refinery complex to the port near to our village for POSCO. As you know that we have prevented the entry of the police from the side of the land mass by peacefully sitting in Dharana, the government is considering this as an alternative road to make entry from sea side. The construction has been contracted to Paradeep Paribahan, a private company led by Bapi Circle. On 19th of August 2011, the government has laid the foundation for road construction. On 20th of August, around 400 people including the contractor and workers were proceeding to the site during the day; our people protested the move and chased them away.
Today, Bapi Circle who is also known as mafia leader from the ruling party Biju Janata Dal ( BJD), brought armed goons from outside the area and lead the attack . Our villagers are chased with sticks and bombs are also being thrown on our unarmed villagers. The leader of the Contractors’ association has admitted to have attacked the people in front of electronic media. Police did not arrive in the place. Now, our people are in high alert to face any imminent attack by private militia. Our villagers are strongly determined not to allow the construction of the road.
We request all of you to strongly condemned this heinous attack and expose this unholy nexus between POSCO and the state government in a strong word. This is a very planned and calculated move to crush our peaceful democratic movement against the forceful displacement. The malicious plan of the government to project all this situation as a law and order problem in the media and accordingly police will enter in to our area. This is nothing but a very shameful act of POSCO to terrorize the villagers. We all are determined to continue our struggle democratically.


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