20 Oct 2011

New Scandal hits the Met as officer lied under oath

“Words fail me” says Jenny as another police scandal unfurls

Jenny Jones, Green Party candidate for Mayor of London and a member of the London Assembly who sits on the MPA, demanded answers as to how a police officer could take part in a trial under a false name. “Words fail me” says Jenny. “This is extremely serious as senior officers must have known Det. Con Jim Boyling was lying under oath.”

Jenny Jones, who will be questioning the new Commissioner Bernard Hogan Howe next week at the regular MPA meeting, will be expecting answers to the following questions:

How many undercover officers have given evidence under a false name?

How high up the ladder does the deception go?

Who authorised this appalling behaviour on the part of the police?

Will the Met Police be contacting all those that have been convicted following this revelation?

Are there undercover police at the Occupy LSX demonstration currently at St Pauls?

Jenny continued, “The Commissioner is going to have a hard job explaining why the Met spent so much of their limited time and specialist resources on a bunch of environmentalists who didn’t like the pollution which came from building new roads.

“Mistakes have been made by both the Met and by ACPO in the handling of these undercover officers and we desperately need judicial over sight of the decision making process. The new Commissioner was involved in reviewing the guidelines and I will be pressing him to explain how he will stop such mistakes from being made again and how we can bring some accountability to a police service which has been given almost carte blanch to spy on its own citizens.”

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