17 Oct 2011

Caroline Lucas camps at occupylsx protest

The Occupy London Stock Exchange protest has entered its third day today, with a number of activists having established a tented encampment outside St Paul's Cathedral in the City.

Pavilion MP and Green party leader, Caroline Lucas, is planning to visit the camp later today. She commented:

"As awareness increases of the injustice and unsustainability of the global economic system, more and more people are taking to the streets in opposition.

"The camp that has been set up a stone's throw from London Stock Exchange is an opportunity to explore a different kind of future to the one the mainstream political parties have constructed.

"The authorities must now respect the right to peaceful protest.

"If they have any sense, they will also start to listen to the voices of those ordinary - and extraordinary people - who want to invest in a greener, fairer future rather than the stocks-and-shares house of sand that sustains corporate capitalism."


1 comment:

LadyRoisin said...

Great..first politician who is taking this on board and with gusto...vote Green next time peeps

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