28 Oct 2011

David Cameron to St Pauls Occupy 'Go home, you are an embarrassment.'

"I'm very concerned about the continuation of this protest meaning that St Paul's is not open to the public," Cameron told reporters in Perth on the sidelines of a Commonwealth leaders' summit.
"It's a key national site, it's a key tourist site. It's very important in the whole history, psyche of our country... I think the pressure is on to try and deal with this and deal with this rapidly."

In fact the occupy camp is not blocking St Pauls but Cameron is embarrassed by his rule and that of Conservative and Lib Dem MPs support for the 1% at the expense of the 99%.

Cameron objects because he finds occupy an embarrassment to him, his government, to Nick Clegg and the Corporation of London.

'You are embarrassing me because while the chief of Tesco is paid £12,000,000 old peoples homes are being closed down.'

'You are embarrassing me because youth unemployment is over a million but executive salaries were up 50% this year.'

'You are embarrassing me because most of the population have taken a pay cut this year.'

'You are embarrassing me because the NHS is going private.'

'You are embarrassing me because I work for News International.'

'You are embarrassing me because while corporation tax has been cut VAT is at 20%.'

'You are embarrassing me because you should shut up and pay for a crisis created by bankers.'

'You are embarrassing because the lower classes should be seen and not heard.'

'You are embarrassing because I am a millionaire and those on low incomes should know their place.'

'You are embarrassing me because while disability benefits are being cut Mrs Thatcher has received  £535,000 from the state.'

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Anonymous said...

David Cameron is a total embarrassment, just look at the mess he's made, disgraceful.

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