18 Sep 2011

Shuar shut down river traffic as Canadian oil company assualts their land

There is a war on this planet, the Shuar  ('the people') are on the front line, support them. 

Just stuck this in google translate from the Aidesep website. Spread the word, brave people fighting for prosperity that reflects local needs and ecology!

Remember British, Canadian and US politicians would love to get their hands sticky with oil ripped out of the Amazon, give them grief!

AIDESEP, September 16, 2011. Shuar Indigenous peoples of Morona, Datem province Marañón, Loreto region, announced the blockade of the river traffic of the river Marañón  as a protest against the incursion of the Canadian oil companyTalisman, which started exploration and production activities in Block 64, without conducting a consultation process and agreements within the framework of respect for the people.

Through a public statement, the Organization of Morona Shuar -OSHDEM, which represents 20 communities in the area, proposed to the regional government, and district levels to assist in generating a process of indigenous development that respects local culture, territory, autonomy and worldview.
Remember that this oil has a bad record. On October 2, 2009, the Achuar of the Pastaza indigenous brothers complained to theProsecutor's Office to the same company for "attempted genocide", because the main objective of the protest isl eaving the territory of the Shuar of Morona company Canada, to protect the rivers, the Amazon jungle and the family free of environmental, social, cultural and indiscriminate exploitation of natural resources. "We raise our own indigenous development -Amazon with a responsible and sustainable management of our natural wealth," concludes the document.


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