10 Jul 2008

Catholic Church slams 'too gay' Cuba

Matthew Stiles sent me this on the socialist unity blog..thanks Matthew. A good change in Cuba, although I am disappointed there was no pride march in Havana, right lets get back to the by-election campaign.

The Catholic Church seems to think that the Govt is too pro-gay. From Associated Press:
Cuban church protests support for gay rights

Jun 24, 2008

HAVANA (AP) — Cuba's Roman Catholic Church on Tuesday protested the communist government's growing support of gay rights, including a daylong event raising awareness against homophobia and a law allowing sex-change operations.

"Respect for the homosexual person, yes," said an editorial in Palabra Nueva, the monthly magazine of the Archdiocese of Havana. "Promotion of homosexuality, no."

The editorial signed by magazine director Orlando Marquez referred to activities held May 17 by Cuba's Sex Education Center, which is directed by Mariela Castro, daughter of President Raul Castro.

The center also announced this month that the health ministry has approved a law authorizing government-paid sex changes for 28 people who have undergone extensive study after requesting the surgery.

Prejudice against homosexuals remains deeply rooted in Cuban society, as in much of Latin America. But the government has steadily moved away from the intolerance of the 1960s and 1970s, when homosexuals hid their sexuality for fear of being fired from work or even imprisoned.

Cuba's parliament also is studying proposals to give gay couples the same benefits as married couples.

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