27 Jul 2008

In praise of Khalid Hussenbex

I am worried about Green Party of England and Wales finances not just because we face hugely expensive European and Westminister elections over the next two years but also because it is rumoured that Khalid Hussenbex will not be standing for the Green Party Executive.

His post is perhaps more important than any other including Leader. He has been the elected finance officer for a number of years and has brought the finances from red into black.

He is very strict on spending and this is not always popular, I missed the meeting but one prominent member of GPEX walked out of a meeting when finance for an election project was not forthcoming.

We need to nurture our finances, I have been calling for the last two years for a fundraiser and I strongly opposed the creation of other staff posts that I suspect are not sustainable.

Unless you get the money right, you risk falling into a difficult position in terms of resources and politics.

Running a political party is hugely expensive and needs lots of resources.

Politically if you are strapped for cash, corporate finance becomes tempting and then you are lost.

If internal elections costs money, for decades they have been cost free to members, the party simply circulates short manifestos for members...they go to those with cash and before you know it you have the green equivalent of Peter Hain and the dangers of scandal.

I say keep the cash out and here's hoping that Khalid does another year.

Please stand or find some one good to take your place!


Peter Cranie said...

Quick typo Derek - Hussenbux.

Khalid has worked damn hard for our party and the latest I heard from him was that he was considering staying on as a job share.

Anonymous said...

I heard he was put under unfair pressure to spend all the Green Parties funds on the next General election, rather than following financial good sense!

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