9 Jul 2008

Ruth Kelly delays Heathrow decision

I am in Haltemprice and have canvassed for eight hours, Shan Oakes is a brilliant Green Party candidate, I am so pleased to be up here and trying to persuade the voters for her.

The Green Party is best at the grassroots...anyway John Hunt just sent me this, thanks John, John is another grassroots green party good person

Having received a request from a local journalist for a comment on
Ruth Kelly's announcement that she's delaying a decision on Heathrow
expansion from August to the end of the year, here's the soundbite
I've sent. Please reuse and recycle anything that seems useful. --

Although the G8 summit in Hokkaido has agreed only a 50% reduction
of global emissions by 2050, [described by Oxfam as "tepid"], it must
slowly be dawning even on the ultra-obstinate Ruth Kelly that the
prospects of climate change, peak oil, and impending national and
global recession are not auspicious for any expansion of aviation.

Aviation is not the sole climate change bogey: but it is the sector
with the fastest rate of growth of emissions. We must begin to wean
ourselves from our addiction to flying, and, more generally, from
profligate squandering of our planet's diminishing resources.

We might suppose that, as the mother of four children, Ms. Kelly
would wish to bequeathe more to her offspring and their generation
than a destitute and inhospitable planet, inhabited by nations
warring over water, food, and fuel. Has she finally had a Damascene

As Secretary of State for Transport, Ms. Kelly and her successors
must plan, in collaboration with Cabinet colleagues, and in
consultation with the general public, how, as a nation, we will
manage the weaning process, developing appropriate infrastructure to
support a sustainable lifestyle.

Profile: Ruth Kelly

Heathrow decision delayed


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merrick said...

"Aviation is not the sole climate change bogey: but it is the sector
with the fastest rate of growth of emissions."

It's not only that but - unlike heating, electricity and food production - it has no low-carbon alternatives to help us. It simply has to go.

Fortunately - also unlike heating, electricity and food production - it's a complete luxury that we can all live without.

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