8 Jul 2008

Thanks to Philip Leicester

Loughborough Greens

for giving me this link....we in the Green Party need to be thinking more about ecology...although I guess internal democracy is going to be a very very big issue for us!

Any way...10 minutes out of the house and off to Haltemprice for the by-election, Shan Oakes campaign has energised more people especially from outside the Green Party than I have seen for years...really glad to be supporting her.

right on to the agro pain

Allotment holders and vegetable growers across the country have been reporting crops failing and being killed following the addition of manure to the land. Some crops, like potatoes are very badly effected whereas others are less affected.

It appears that the problem is linked to a new herbicide (a hormone weedkiller) aminopyralid being used by the farmers.

The most sensitive crops affected are:

The list is not exclusive - these are just the plants most affected .

My understanding is that the product is licensed for use on grass land but is not licensed for use on wheat etc although anecdotal evidence suggests it is being used on cereal crops despite licensing restrictions.

You will appreciate that I am being careful what I say about a product that a large chemical company has spent more than $80 million bringing to market with a large and powerful legal department.

The active chemical, aminopyralid, is present in:
All are marketed in the UK by Dow AgroSciences Ltd


Sue Garrett said...
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Sue Garrett said...

Visit our web site that has lots of information on how our allotment site has been affected and also lots of information gathered about the problem.

Sorry it goes across two ines but if not some of the link would be lost. Alternatively use this link.
and click on the link at the top of the home page

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