17 Jul 2008

Yet another trade unionist murdered in Colombia

Good to see Ingrid Betancourt is free, yes the FARC must end their war and release kidnap victims....is Colombia a state where workers and peasants can live without fear, no it isnt.

This was in the Morning Star, Colombia remains in the grip of death squads....COLOMBIAN opposition party Polo Democratico warned that “liberty and the right to organise still do not exist in Colombia” on Wednesday after the body of Colombian trade unionist Guillermo Rivera Fuquene was found on a rubbish tip in the city of Ibague.

The Workers Confederation of Colombia said that Mr Rivera had disappeared on April 22 in Bogota after he had been detained by police.

He was the union representative for workers at an office in Bogota’s city administration and an activist for the left-wing Polo Democratico.

The confederation confirmed that Mr Rivera had been killed six days after he disappeared.

Polo Democratico revealed that witness statements confirmed that he had been seen with police officers shortly before he disappeared.

The party released a statement which read: “This shows that the official guarantees from President Uribe’s government protecting the lives of union and political activists - their liberty and the right to organise - still do not exist in Colombia.”

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