18 Jul 2008

Southhall Black Sisters win

The case was brought on behalf of Ramandeep Kaur, 25, who is currently supported by the group, as well as another woman in a similar position.

She was put in touch with its counselors after suffering at the hands of her husband who beat her and threw her out of the house.

She said: "I had no where to go and I just felt like I wanted to commit suicide. I couldn't speak English and I couldn't tell anyone about my problems but I was able to go to Southall Black Sisters.

"Before I met them I wanted to commit suicide, but they gave me a sense of living."
More from the High Court here

Southall Black Sisters who support women from ethnic minorities threatened with abuse have won their campaign, Ealing Council have been trying to cut their funding.

Feisty feminist opponents of fundamentalism and abuse they deserve support.

Their campaign has been succesful which is very good news indeed.

More from my Socialist Unity co-blogger Louise here

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