11 Jul 2008

Earth First! Gathering appeal

The Haltemprice and Howden has both exausted me and inspired me. I want to help more good party candidates at by-elections, Shan was great, good vote in a very Tory bit of Yorkshire....lots of people were inspired by her.

One consequence is I bumped into Colin, who is one of the local DAN activists and as well as the diy direct action/disability campaign mischief and a keen sense of Foucault (politics of Foucault is a debate for another day) and Illich, Colin mucked in with the by-election.

Good approach, a lot of people don't like political parties and are worried about them going the way of El Oligarchy but if you can get involved in elections where necessary that is sound.

Any way he sent me an Earth First! appeal, I used to do a bit of EF! stuff and in UK they have been really great...not like the Malthusian population bombers of the original EF in the US like Dave Foreman.

Hey lovely people,

I'm being a bit cheeky here, basically asking if you are up for taking on
helping in a small or bigger way with the Earth First! gathering this year
which would be really cool. I'm on the look out for people who are up for
sorting out a specific task, you won't have to come to meetings or be on
email lists, that's a promise!(unless of course you have a burning desire
to do so).

It's going to be Wed 27 Aug - Mon 1 Sept, Norfolk, we've got a site (same
as last year's) and quite a few things are already being sorted, though
we need some help. We're on the case with publicity, lots of posters and
flyers are going out, and we're planning to really publicise it at the
climate camp as a place to come afterwards to learn about and plan more
radical direct action.

We've got lots of exciting ideas for the programme, focus on ecological
direct action, practical action skills, ecology and ecological
restoration, field trips, strategy for the apocalypse, planning future
EF! campaigns/actions. If you have any ideas/are up for running a
workshop, let us know.

As ever the collective is too small, and only a couple of us can put much
time in. It would be a massive help if other people could take on sorting
a specific aspect, such as gate or first aid or mediation etc., or just
help spread the word about it.

So please have a look at the list below, have a think if you fancy doing
one of hem or if someone else springs to mind who could and let us know.

Come on, you know you want to...

Your EF! gathering collective


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