1 Jul 2009

Caroline Lucas 'Honduras: UK, EU must take action following coup d'état'

International community must send a strong, unequivocal message, says Caroline Lucas: removing an elected leader at gunpoint is completely unacceptable

Green Party leader Caroline Lucas MEP today added her voice to those calling for sanctions against "the new illegal regime" in Honduras.

Dr Lucas said: "It's simply unacceptable to remove a president at gunpoint, and I want to see the UK and the EU make this absolutely clear.

"Gordon Brown needs to take appropriate action. He might consider withdrawing the British ambassador.

"It would also be appropriate for the EU to cancel next week's planned trade negotiations with the Honduran authorities." (1)

Business as usual, despite the coup?

EU "association agreements" with other countries contain democracy clauses that represent a condition for the EU's trade dealings with the country in
question. Where a country is suddenly being ruled by an unelected president following a coup d'état, there are clear grounds for refusing an association
agreement, said the Green Party leader.

Dr Lucas continued: "For Gordon Brown to do nothing would send entirely the wrong message. For the EU to attend trade talks as though nothing had
happened would be even worse."

She concluded: "Removing an elected leader at gunpoint and expelling him from his country without trial is completely unacceptable, and the international community must make this clear to the temporary, illegal government of Honduras."

Note to editors

(1) Association agreement negotiations, with a strong focus on trade issues, are due to take place with six Central American countries, including
Honduras, 6-10 July 2009 in Brussels.

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