12 Jul 2009

Protest at the Irish Green Party special conference.

Join the protest at the Green Party special conference this Saturday July 18th at 9.30am

Protest the party's betrayal of Shell to Sea, Tara, the Anti-War movement, the anti Incinerator campaigns, the education system, the health system, human and civil rights, animal rights etc. etc.

By January they will have cut the dole, made thousands redundant, further restricted civil rights, betrayed the elderly and the sick, implemented college fees and driven thousands onto emigrant boats and planes.

Be there so they cannot say we did not speak.

The Green Party conference lasts.

From: 10:00 am To: 06:00 pm
Location: Hilton Hotel, Charlemont Place, Dublin 2

There is even a face book for people who feel betrayed by the Irish Green Party.....well if I am ever in government as a Green Party member with people building a motorway next to Avebury, I dare so I will get abuse and I will deserve it.

Perhaps those betrayed should set up a new Green Party which is actually Green...by the way.the special conference will involve the party leaders leaning on the remaining members to support the Lisbon treaty.

I get the impression there has been a long process of 'modernisation' to get the Green Party in shape for 'government' i.e selling out its principles so some TDs can get salaries.

The alternative view to mine goes like this 'This analysis is broadly typical of what is wrong with Green politics, in that very many people who think they are involved in Green politics are actually involved in moral crusades, that are built around vanity and arrogance rather than any sense of urgency regarding what is happening to our planet.'

i.e the situation is so urgent we must bravely do the wrong thing and not worry our heads about being effective in tackling the ecological crisis.


Pete said...

Protest the green party full stop

say NO to carbon LIES

Watch the great global warming swindle

say NO to the greens carbox tax

Anonymous said...

This is an extraordinary story of betrayal, how did it come about so quickly? There are plenty of stories of good people seduced by power, but this usually take a bit of time, the Irish Green Party have achieved this in record time. What would happen if Irish Greens were elected to the UK parliament (the part is cross-border)?
Would English, Scottish and Welsh Greens work with them?

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