18 Jul 2009

Irish Green Party to continue in government with motorway builders

"Today has been one filled with passionate debate. I am proud that the Green Party has reached this position," said John Gormley, the party leader and Ireland's environment minister.'

So as widely predicted the special conference today has seen existing members back the continuation of the government with Fianna Fail.

Some have suggest that Gormley didn't even bother calling for FF to stop the motorway going through Tara.

The fact is that the Green negotiators – Gormley, Dan Boyle and Green general secretary, Dan Geoghegan, were fully aware that the order was due to be signed by the then incumbent environment minister, Dick Roche, but they failed to even request that it be deferred, much less make it a serious issue for negotiation.

Shocking stuff, certainly makes it more difficult, for Greens right across Europe to progress.

Oh and they have voted to support the Lisbon treaty...

The radical Greens have left the party, leaving a shell organisation, of careerists.

Bad news!

Remember folks you can't enjoy your pensions from serving in the Dail on dead planet.

Bad news!


Marcus said...

Hi Derek,

There was no vote taken on participation in government. The conference was to let members have an input into what the renegotiation of programme for govt should include.

As far as im aware from the day once this is all compiled the members will then vote on wether they support the new programme for govt.

Katrina said...

I think pragamatic Greens are less than a danger to progress than damaging far-left extremists that constantly hold back the Greens, Derek.

DONALL Geogheagan was the name of the General Secretary at the time. How do you know that the Greens did not request that the M2 be deferred? I've never heard anyone suggest this before... were you in the room?

Are you going to tell me to "fuck off" too?

Derek Wall said...

I am not sure pragmatic greens would agree that the Irish Green Party is pragmatic.

On the motorway, the claim is made here http://buckplanning.blogspot.com/2007/08/phoenix-magazine-on-tara.html click on the link.

Opposition to motorway building is a pretty uncontroversial policy for most Green Party members in most countries except it seems Ireland.

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