31 Jul 2009


I have been off on a low impact holiday i.e. train not flying, I don't drive anyway.. for the last few days,

Went with my three children, Larry, Vincent and Peter.

Back to find about 500 emails and all sorts of things I need to sort out.

Unfortunately cos of climate change we need to stop flying, which is a bit of sacrifice, I haven't flown any where since Jan 2006, I think its important for green campaigners to stop flying more important that someone does go across the world to visit their grandmother or to take kids on holiday than for greens to fly around the world telling people not to fly....

What was great, was despite the wash out in most parts of the country, this week it, it only rained once while we were in Eastbourne.

This was on wednesday night...we went to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (verdict from my kids was it looked good but the plot was a bit rubbish).

The Curzon cinema, by the way, is totally great, the very friendly manager told us it was the biggest cinema screen in South East England and it was cheap...so go and have a look if you are in Eastbourne and it is raining!

Curzon Cinema Eastbourne here (nice!)...its one of those really old fashioned fabulous cinemas with big red curtains.

We were on the beach every day, which was great....

Went to Beachy Head, you can walk quite easily from Eastbourne, takes about 45 minutes and had a look at Belle Tout, its a lighthouse that was moved in land because of sea erosion.

We like eating out, and there are lots of nice places to go with veggie food....Pizza was good, and Chinese and Thai.

Lots of history near by, we like history, Pevensey Castle is a big historical site, its surrounded by Roman Walls and was in four sieges including one at the time of Richard II versus Henry Bollingbroke.

Last four years we have been on holiday in the South East and it has been sunny every time, amazing...monday morning here in Berkshire it was pouring with rain so I was a bit worried about how the few days we had would be....but they were sunny.

So with a bit of luck you can have a nice holiday on the beach in the sunshine....may be we have just been lucky, although I suspect the South East coast is drier than other parts of the UK.

So if you are Jonathon Porritt, give the flying a rest, if you are taking you kids some where abroad for a holiday you have been saving for ages your motives are pure but it is possible to take a holiday with less flying...

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