24 Jul 2009

urgent vestas action, cops and employers putting pressure on


you sent in an email in support of the Vestas occupation. Nearly two thousand of you nation-wide felt strongly enough that closing our only wind turbine factory and cutting 600 jobs on the Isle of Wight was a disgrace, lobbied Ed Miliband, or sent in solidarity 'Save Vestas' photos.

Currently, Vestas management, together with the police, are restricting the occupiers' food supply, bringing them a limited amount of food while refusing to allow onto the site supporters with enough food to keep the occupation going.

On the second day of the occupation, a mass walk-in got food to the occupied area of the factory. On saturday the 25th, at 2pm, we intend to stage a second mass walk in with food, this time with every activist and supporter who can make it to the island.

The primary aim is to ensure the occupiers have enough food to hold out for as long as they need to, and aren't at the mercy of the management for their next meal.

The secondary is to show the government that supporters of the Vestas occupation are willing to ACT in support of the occupation and green energy.

Transport details for the Isle of Wight can be found on the savevestas blog at http://savevestas.wordpress.com/2009/07/22/vestas-occupiers-face-sack/.

If you can't make it to the island yourself, you can still help by spreading the word - forward this email, ring your friends or contact networks involved in this sort of campaigning. The SaveVestas group is still quite new and there will be many contacts others have that we don't.

ACT now in support of the Vestas workers' brave action - come to the isle of wight for 12 noon to show the government that the people of Britain will hold them to their promises of green energy. In solidarity,

Sophie Lewis and Anyetta White
SaveVestas campaign.

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