10 Jul 2009

Irish Green Party betrays LGBT community

http://www.pinknews.co.uk/news/articles/2005-13151.html# is where to look for this story.

One prominent Green Party member over here has noted

I can confirm that on my recent trip to Ireland I found considerable
hostility to the Irish GP leadership from ordinary Greens and other
progressives over their role in the quite reactionary coalition
government, including over their compromise on same-sex civil

At a recent LGBT conference, five Irish activists told me they were no
longer supporting the GP because of its acceptance of the second best
option of civil partnerships - instead of marriage equality.

A sad but probably justified decision.

I suppose the hostile comments will be coming in soon from the Irish Green Party loyalists, all two of them...lets just recycle this comment to save them the energy needed.

here goes:

This analysis is broadly typical of what is wrong with Green politics, in that very many people who think they are involved in Green politics are actually involved in moral crusades, that are built around vanity and arrogance rather than any sense of urgency regarding what is happening to our planet.


Anonymous said...

If the Greens were not in govt there would not have even been a civil partnership bill.

We got what we could and it is a huge step in the right direction but obviously more work has to be done.

Any chance of blogging some of the good things we have done Derek?

Derek Wall said...

not when you are in government building motorways, you disgust me utterly......you are a huge threat to the green movement globally.

I praise people like Hugo Blanco not your party, people who work to protect global ecology and human rights.

Anonymous said...

We havent built any motorways Derek.

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