13 Jul 2009

'Oh yes you have'

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Irish Green Party betrays LGBT community":

We havent built any motorways Derek.

If this is a genuine comment from a member of the Irish Green Party, rather than a passing troll, it is shocking...not a shred of remorse for supporting FF plans to dive a motorway through Ireland's beautiful and archaeologically important prehistoric landscape around Tara.

The Irish Green Party have betrayed just about everybody.

Greens building motorways...are not green, I don't think this is a controversial point, or is there some 'New Green' idea that motorways are environmentally friendly....do let me know by way of the comments, please.

This is from Tara watch and seems to suggest the Irish government of which the Green Party is a member, is in fact building a motorway, may be it is a forged document and there is no motorway. May be John Gormley doesn't really exist or isn't a member of the Irish Green Party. Please let me know...

Despite being ‘Green’, he has done nothing to halt the M3 ploughing through the Tara/Skryne valley. Instead he has concentrated on defending his predecessor’s demolition of the Lismullin national monument which lay in its way.

Dick Roche contravened European law by failing to commission an environmental impact study on the site. The government has now spent huge sums fighting the European Commission over the issue.

Gormley also spent a bundle drafting last week’s Eirgrid Code of Practice. If the European Court finds against Ireland, the National Monuments Act will have to be amended and the code will have to be redrafted. More money flushed away.

The M3 tolls will go out of Meath to a multinational. More waste.

The mishandling of Tara proves, conclusively, that we are being governed by profligate idiots. The M3 should never have been routed through Tara/Skryne. It was always going to throw up monuments like Lismullin and lead to costly court battles. The obvious thing to do was to route to the west of Tara, avoiding the valley.

The Greens campaigned against the M3. The World Monuments Fund and the Smithsonian Institution have placed it on their their ‘endangered’ lists. Gormley is still pushing ahead with it though.


P Colvin said...

Irish Green Party is a big a joke as "CO2 causes climate change"

Do your research people they WILL be pushing a global carbon tax.

9/11 and 7/7 were staged to bring the masses together for war... "climate change" propaganda is being used to rally the people most notably the 'with it' youth to impose GLOBAL CARBON TAXES, and ultimatly a one world government.


Eoin said...

"The obvious thing to do was to route to the west of Tara, avoiding the valley."

That route would have gone through a woodland and would have cost more.

Also, it should be remembered that the route was decided before the Greens went into coalition.

Derek Wall said...

So that makes it all right then! I notice that Irish Green Party members have just been banned by the Save Tara campaign.

Greens around the world have been elected to positions and done good, ok they have sometimes made big compromises but the Irish FF/GP coalition has been an appalling failure in virutally all respects.

It looks like the Greens will go the same way as the Progressive Democrats, they have deregistered as a political party after going into the last FF coalition government.

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