2 Jul 2009

Protest at the Honduras Embassy tomorrow

Hi everyone

The location of the picket planned for Friday 3 July protest at the coup
in Honduras has been moved from the US Embassy to the Honduras Embassy -
115 Gloucester Place, London W1U 6JT (nearest Tube: Baker Street or
Paddington), from 4.30 pm.

In the early hours of Sunday June 28, a group of soldiers seized the
democratically elected president of Honduras Manuel Zelaya at gun-point
and took him by plane to Costa Rica. A new president was sworn in, while
the army decreed a curfew, tanks patrolled the streets, the government TV
channel was taken off the air and a list was issued of social movement
leaders to be arrested.

The trigger for the coup was an attempt by Zelaya to call a Constituent
Assembly in order to reform the country's constitution. Zelaya's
government had carried out a whole series of progressive reforms in the
fields of education and health care, breaking the monopoly of the
multinationals in the pharmaceutical and oil sector and boosting the
minimum wage by 60% and had the support of the majority of workers,
peasants and the poor. His government brought Honduras into the ALBA
regional bloc, aligning itself with the progressive governments of
Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Cuba, Nicaragua and others, whose leaders are
holding an emergency summit in Managua to reverse the coup.

The masses have come out on the streets and are striking to reject this
coup. We give them our full support and demand that the British government
backs Zelaya as the only legitimate president of Honduras and acts to
bring about the immediate restoration of constitutional order.

Down with the reactionary coup!
Bring back Zelaya!
Solidarity with the people of Honduras!

Called by the Co-ordinadora Latinoamericana (Hands Off Venezuela, Bolivia
Solidarity Campaign, Colombia Solidarity Campaign, Ecuadorian Movement in
the UK, Latin American Workers Association and Polo Democratico UK)

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