22 Jul 2009

Vestas demo

Just back from the Vestas demo in London.

I got there quite late but was met with the happy sight of a crowd of a couple of hundred people heckling Simon Hughes MP. He just told that crowd, apparently, that the Lib Dems would not nationalise the Vestas plant.Well thanks but hey no thanks…..people weren’t keen on thatI get the impression, I was late having spoken at the demonstration against the coup in Honduras, at the US Embassy, that the Campaign Against Climate Change Trade Union Group, Socialist Party, SWP, Climate Camp and others had all mobilised strongly.

Plenty of ecosocialists from Socialist Resistance and Green Left. Andy Hewett from Green Left read out a solidarity statement from Hugo Blanco the Peruvian revolutionary who led an uprising of campesinos in the 1960s and now edits Lucha Indigena…the indigenous of Peru were very keen to convey their solidarity as they have known repression from defending their environment.

I know there have been solidarity messages from West Bengal, Egypt, Canada, Belguim.Getting bodies down to the Isle of Wight is important, it will be interesting to get a report back from Bob Crow who has been down to Vestas this evening.

All in all the demo was a very impressive example of socialist unity with a wide variety of groups taking action.Workers Climate Action and the Climate Camp seem to be getting plenty of people down to the I of W, I think. This is key.

So if you have any free time why not get down and have a little bit of a class struggle eco holiday on the Isle of Wight…seriously this could be lost or won on practical solidarity.If any readers have any contacts with green or socialist activists in Denmark where Vestas is based, they need to be mobilised to give Vestas a hard time.

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