8 Jul 2009


Now you might think in a country like Ireland with a Green Party in government there would be some action to clean up sources of CO2, alas not...but the Green MPs are picking up some good salaries, Climate Camp Ireland look to be doing the real green political work...just had this.

This summer will see the first Climate Camp to happen in the republic of
Ireland. It takes place this August from the 14th to the 23rd.

The Camp aims to take direct action against the root causes of climate
change and in our case this is a Peat fired power station in Shannon
Bridge, Co Offaly.

Peat is dug from the bogs and has been a traditional household fuel for
generations but natural wet bog land is a fast diminishing natural
resource for wildlife and ecology. Peat is also a very dirty fuel,
releasing more CO2 per Kw than Coal.

We also intend to make a space for education and we have an extensive list
of workshops planned. The camp itself will be a model of sustainable

We are organised in regional groups around Ireland and also working
groups- all the relevant contact info can be found at

The organisation process is running very well and we are confident of a
successful camp but help is always appreciated so if you would like to be
involved or have any questions don't hesitate to get in touch with me Rob
Mac at: contactrobmac-climatecamp@yahoo.co.uk

Regards from Climate Camp Ireland


Garreth said...

Your hate-filled rubbish about the Irish Greens seems to know no bounds.

Some references to the Irish Greens actions on CO2 emissions:




Derek Wall said...

well if they weren't in a government building a motorway through the landscape of Tara or cutting the bus service in Dublin, I would be a little more positive.

They have very seriously damaged green politics internationally....I guess the conference held in secret next saturday will use all sorts of manipulation to keep party members obedient.

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