25 Nov 2009

Clergy are not border guards

I do a lot of work with green Muslims and there is tremendous tradition of Islamic politics which is plural, tolerant, feminist, green. Reminded of this by David Graeber yesterday

There are also some great people in other traditions, I was just about to look for this item from Rev Dick Wolff when he made a helpful comment on another blog entry.

Scary that the Church is being made to act against migrants, good Samaratians, well I guess they would get their papers checked and they would be chucked out.

Incidentally do look at Rev Wolff's blog, great to have him as a member of Green Left but depressing how walls are being built and migrants are seen as enemy number one.

If you read the Daily Mail remember prejudice kills!

Looking into the eyes of Pilate
address to Wessex Synod, 21 Nov 09 responding to the following paragraph in the Synod Executive report :

On behalf of the Ministries Committee of the General Assembly, the Synod is required to verify that all stipendiary ministers and Church Related Community Workers are legally entitled to work in the United Kingdom. It is hoped that as far as possible this process of verification can be completed at the meeting of Synod, to which all ministers have been asked to bring their passports or other documents.

I did not think it right that this paragraph of the Synod Executive report should pass without note. This is a first for the United Reformed Church - to witness the demeaning spectacle of ministers queueing to present their passports for photocopying by Synod staff. We have not been here before. I wanted to draw attention to it, because the majority of members of Synod may not even be aware that this has been happening over lunch.

What this represents is one more step in the creeping criminalisation of the inhabitants of this island.

In the strange world of immigration law, you are guilty until you can prove your innocence. Not so very long ago it was only foreign-looking people or newly-arrived people that were presumed to be aliens until they could show papers to prove they were here legally. More recently, aliens who dared to work here without a permit have been redefined as criminals. Now, it seems, we are all criminals - we are all presumed guilty of working here illegally - until we can prove otherwise.

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Paul said...

'I do a lot of work with green Muslims and there is tremendous tradition of Islamic politics which is plural, tolerant, feminist, green.'

Seriously Derek where? I mean individual Muslims may be all of the above but could you give an example of plural, tolerant, feminist politics in the Islamic world? Even if such a tradition existed which it does not it is your wishful thinking for it to be 'tremendous'? That statement of yours is dangerously inaccurate.

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