25 Nov 2009

SWP back Jerry Hicks

Socialist Workers Party, don t ya hate them! Well I am critical of them but when they do good I am very happy to spread the word, they are doing the work of Gaia when it comes to Jerry Hicks, a solid green trade union activist, socialist and former SWP member, very good of the SWP to support some one they fell out with, excellent non sectarian spirit.


Jerry Hicks campaign for Unite leadership launched
Jerry Hicks, the victimised left wing Rolls Royce worker, has announced that he will be standing in next year’s election for general secretary of Britain’s biggest union, Unite.

Jerry won 40,000 votes for general secretary in the Amicus section of the union earlier this year, standing against the incumbent Derek Simpson. His campaign caught the mood of many in Unite who wanted to resist the attacks workers face.

He will be campaigning for the union to change its close relationship with New Labour – it has given the party £15 million in the past year while being ignored over almost everything.

If elected, Jerry has said he will take the average wage of a skilled worker.

He said, “Our union leadership, many of whom will seek to become the general secretary, have been unable to face up to Labour. Can our members be sure they can stand up to the Tories if they get in?”

Len McCluskey, Unite assistant general secretary and a supporter of current joint general secretary Tony Woodley, is the United Left group’s official candidate in the election.

Les Bayliss, also an assistant general secretary who is from the Amicus section of the union, has also declared that he will stand.


Anonymous said...

To me it looks like they are merely announcing that he is standing rather then activelly backing him.

Or is it the case that merely mentioning it the paper is offering their support?


Derek Wall said...

I am not party to all of the SWP thinking but I think it is great they are flaggin up his campaign, continue to watch this space for more news.

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